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Following the Broncos' fourth straight loss of the season at the hands of the Toledo Rockets head coach Tom Amstutz along with Trinity Dawson, Bruce Gradkowski and Lance Moore talked with the media. Read on to hear their side of the lopsided story in UT's 59-33 victory over the Broncos.

RB Trinity Dawson on coming back from injury to play a big roll in the Toledo win.

It was great to be out there. It's really hard to miss a football game but it was great to be out there with my team and the [offensive] line did a great job, the receivers did a great job and it was just a great team win.

Dawson on his personal performance.

I played every down like it was going to be my last down. I really enjoyed being out there. It was a great opportunity to play and I was just happy with the game overall.

Toledo quarterback Bruce Gradkowski on what UT's 350 yards rushing did for the passing game.

It takes a lot of pressure off of me when we're running the ball well and the lines doing [well] it just makes my job easier. We could hit on all cylinders of the offense; we could do that well tonight. Our offensive line did a great job tonight, they're the ones that start it off up front – if they get it going then we can do different things: run the ball, pass the ball.

Receiver Lance Moore on the running game opening up the passing game.

When we get rolling on the ground it opens more things up in the passing game. It takes some pressure off the receivers so we can make plays down the field. We were running the ball well and that opened up the passing game.

Moore on the team's slow start to the season before their current four-game winning streak.

We're definitely playing better but at the same time we need to get better. We're at a certain level right now but we still need to raise our level. There's a lot of games left to be played and we played a great team tonight. Western Michigan is a good team, they always play Toledo hard – we just played a little better tonight and came out on top.

Gradkowski on the UT defense creating five turnovers.

When the defense plays like that it just gives us momentum and we were able to strike fast. When we strike fast it gets the defense even more fired up. So that's just why it was a great team victory overall. Western Michigan didn't give up, they're a tough team and they come to play us every year and we know that. That was a good football team out there but they had a couple tough turnovers and things just went our way for the win.

Coach Tom Amstutz on the running game.

We've been working on our running game and we want to be a team that can do both – run and pass. We challenged our players to come out and establish a running game. We used a lot of different running backs and I thought they worked hard and I thought the offensive line worked hard matching up on them and locking up on the blocks. That just opened everything up for us.

Amstutz on being able to put up 59 points on the Broncos.

They have very athletic players on defense; they have a very good scheme. Tonight was our night when we got the running game going and Bruce [Gradkowski] had a good night and took good control of the ball and got the ball into the hands of the receivers. Momentum is just going our way right now. We got the points up there on the board and that can happen in our style of offense. We want to try and score a lot of point and put stress on their defense.

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