Greg Bryant Q&A

The senior from Edmond, Oklahoma talked to the media Monday at the weekly football press conference about the recent loss to Toledo and the upcoming homecoming game with Eastern Michigan. The back-up nose guard had two tackles against Toledo and has three total for the season.

His thoughts on the Toledo game:

Saturday's game [result] was defiantly something we didn't expect. We went in there as a defense knowing Toledo's quarterback was the best in the MAC. We came out and thought we did pretty good the first couple series and after a while everything we did just got exploited running wise and passing wise. I don't know how many yards they had on offense but it was a lot – they're a good offense. We didn't play well at all.

His thoughts on the upcoming game with Eastern Michigan:

They're a lot better then last year and they're a lot better then they have been. They have a new coach and I guess he's turning things around for them. They beat Ball State, which is something we have to look at. Eastern is defiantly a good team, a lot better then they have been before.

As a defender what is your reaction after a game like Toledo?

Disgust. We worked so hard all through the week and something like [that loss] is something you don't expect. It leaves a sick feeling in your stomach. Anything you try so hard at then fail at in the game and you're just like ‘why?' You try to fix it and try to come back and it's too late. It's just a real bitter feeling.

How do you come back after the disappointment of the season so far?

You just got to go the next week. That's the only way you can do it. If you sit there and dwell on how many points you gave up last Saturday you don't practice well the next week. You just got to go out there Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and prepare for the team you're playing next.

When you looked at the game tape Sunday, what did you feel went wrong?

Just looking at the tape against Toledo it's just little things like missed tackles. On first contact we just bounced off and running backs were getting up to the safeties and that's eight yards a carry. It's just those little things that we didn't do.

What are you looking forward to in the game against Eastern?

I'm looking forward to a win. I'm not saying it's an automatic win because they're a good team and they beat Ball State a team we lost to badly. It doesn't matter who we play this Saturday or next Saturday, we're just looking forward to a win. We want to show our fans and everyone else that we're a quality team.

Why do you feel that Eastern is always a close game with the exception of last year?

Their guys were recruited by us and our guys were recruited by them. They're in state and everybody knows each other. I didn't, but a lot of people on our team played with or against them in high school. It's just one of those games where their guys get hyped up to play and we like playing them too.

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