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Eastern Michigan head coach Jeff Genyk along with junior receiver A.J. Bennett – who caught the game winning touchdown pass – and senior linebacker Kevin Harrison – who had 17 tackles and forced the fumble that led to the Eagles final scoring drive – talked to the media following the 35-31 EMU win. Read on to hear the opposition's point of view following the very close homecoming game.

Coach Genyk's opening statement:

First of all I thought it was a tremendous effort by our young men and not ever getting in a situation where we put our heads down and thought we may lose the game. Earlier in the week coach Darnell said I was a ‘high voltage guy' and we defiantly brought some electricity in the fourth quarter here to Waldo Stadium.

A. J. Bennett, can you talk about the play call on the final touchdown play?

He [quarterback Matt Bohnet] checked off to a post play and I got inside the DB [WMU's Scott Robinson] to go for a touchdown.

Coach Genyk's thoughts on that same play:

The previous play Matt Bohnet got hit really hard by one of Western Michigan's linebackers [Ameer Ismail] and snapped his head on the turf. He was literally out of it. In fact in the locker room he barely knows where he is. He threw that ball just out of instinct alone.

Coach, was there any thought of getting into field goal range or where you thinking touchdown all the way?

We definitely thought we were in field goal range. Our thought process there was to take a shot for the end zone. There was enough time left that even if [the pass] wasn't completed or wasn't a first down we could get our field goal team on. We had confidence in [place kicker] Andrew Wellock so we didn't feel we needed any more yardage… so therefore we decided to go ahead and take a shot at the end zone and A.J. [Bennett] made a spectacular catch of a well-thrown ball.

Is this a turning point for Eastern Michigan to come in here and beat Western Michigan for the first time in seven years (Kevin Harrison answers)?

Definitely. We wanted to come out and play hard the whole game and that was the emphasis for the whole defense. Never give up, keep playing. We had a lot of penalties early and we fought through it.

Kevin, how big was it to force the fumble of WMU's Mark Bonds near the end of the game to give the offense a shot at winning the game?

That was very big. That got the offense the ball back so we could score and win the game. You just got to keep playing hard and make plays. We were thinking turnover. When we get to the ball carrier [the opportunity] is going to present itself and we had to get the ball out, do something.

Coach, what does this mean to beat one of your biggest rivals?

First of all, on our goal board in our team room we have being an Eastern Michigan graduate as our first goal. Our second goal is to be the Michigan MAC champion. In order to have a winning season or to win the MAC West you have got to find a way to be the Michigan MAC champ. To win this game by four points, or one point or whatever it took is the first leg in that objective.

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