Frustrations Mount

Following the Broncos seventh straight loss of the season and third loss after leading in the fourth quarter Greg Jennings and Paul Tithof addressed the media along with head coach Gary Darnell. Read on to hear what they thought of the Broncos' first loss in four years to archrival Central Michigan.

Leading 21-7 with three minutes to go did you feel the game was in your control?

Tithof: We felt like we had it in control and they just came out and threw harder and they're making catches, making plays. We weren't.

Did you feel Central Michigan was playing harder then?

Tithof: It was just a momentum change. They just had one more play then us.

Why do you feel you lost this game so late on a fumble?

Jennings: We gotta finish. We know that, the coaches know that. Every coach in there told us that and we got to play for 60 minutes. In this case it was 60 plus minutes and [CMU] played for 60 plus minutes and we let up that one time and they took advantage of it.

It looked to us like [CMU] only played for three minutes.

Jennings: They played when it counted. We beat up on them and when it counted they pulled together as a team and they came through.

Does this loss hurt more then Eastern Michigan or Northern Illinois?

Jennings: They all hurt. It's all frustrating… we had a 14-point lead and we just couldn't finish.

How much better was the defense today then in previous games?

Tithof: It was much better.

Jennings: Can I say something on the defense? I thought the defense did an outstanding job. Like I told Tithof when we came in here, I really think he's the heartbeat of the defense. I can't say enough about what the defense came and did after all the comments everyone's made about the defense. They came out here and played hard.

Is Tithof's return the biggest reason for the improvement?

Jennings: I'm not saying he's the biggest reason… (Laughing) I just like Tithof.

What is it like to be in this position losing seven straight games?

Tithof: It's frustrating, but we just got to keep going out there day in and day out and practice hard and try to get better. From last week to this week I think our defense actually made a huge step forward. We're coming closer as a team and as a unit. We were just pumped up on the sidelines and we haven't seen that in six weeks.

Coach Darnell's opening statement:

Darnell: It was a game of superlatives today. Guys were just playing their hearts out on both sides of the football, no question about that. I think it's just a great credit to the rivalry and to the game that you got a chance to take part in today. When the bottom line comes down to it they had one more superlative then we did.

Can you believe it's the third fourth-quarter come back loss this season?

Darnell: You have to find a way to take care of things before [the fourth-quarter]. Obviously when it comes to that there's no guarantees for us when it's time to just put one away. The whole concept of finishing has escaped us this year without question. All you have to do is hang onto it or stop them one time.

Do you feel snake-bitten with the losses this year?

Darnell: I'm not a big believer in that. I believe in the whole rivalry and the best team wins. I truly feel the most prepared team wins the game. I don't believe in being snake-bitten and I don't look past me when there's a problem.

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