Will He Stay or Will He Go?

"He's a Sunday Player," said head coach Gary Darnell when questioned about the possibility that Greg Jennings will play in the NFL one day. Jennings will have to choose this winter whether to take a chance on the NFL draft or return to WMU for his senior season, a choice that may end up being an easy one for one of the best receivers in WMU history.

Greg Jennings is only eight yards shy of becoming the fourth player in WMU history to break 2000 career receiving yards and he's only a junior… a junior that sat a big chunk of his redshirt freshman season injured.

Jennings is in third place at WMU in career touchdowns (22) needing only four more to catch Cory Alston. And he broke season touchdown and receiving records last season including pairing up with Jon Drach for the longest passing play for a touchdown in WMU history.

Just last weekend against Central Michigan he caught eight passes for 167 yards including a 79-yard reception for a touchdown and a spectacular one-handed grab of a pass carried awry by high winds.

"If there was ever a play to depict a great play in this game that one catch Greg Jennings made [was it]," said WMU head coach Gary Darnell. "In my career as a coach, as a fan, watching on TV I've never seen a play like that. It was an instant shot for our football team. Our whole bench erupted… everything changed from that moment on."

And that doesn't even get into his punt returning abilities that rank him second in the MAC and seventh in the nation including a pair of punts ran back for a touchdown this season.

If all that doesn't convince you Jennings has NFL potential, perhaps this statement from Darnell will… "The irony of it is he's not the fastest guy on the team, he's not incredibly fast but you see him pull away from other people. He has the knack for that extra step.

"I had a guy named Emmitt Smith play for me the same way. Emmitt's not real fast but he has a way of pulling himself away from the defenders.

"But the one thing [Jennings] does have that's very obvious, his ability to jump and the timing of the ball. Every scout that's been through here and everyone that's seen him play says ‘it's incredible, I've never seen guy that has timing for matching up to the ball in the air the way he does.'"

"That one-handed catch I went up like it was a rebound," said Jennings. "That's really how I go about all my balls that go up in the air like that. I just try to go up for it at the highest point and try to come down with it."

"Even though he isn't uniquely fast he is incredibly uniquely able to leap," added Darnell. "To time himself out to match up with the ball, it happens in practice all the time."

NFL scouts are out looking at Jennings constantly. "They all know his number," said Darnell. "They all know who he is."

Darnell has talked to Jennings about the possibility of him going pro early. "I brought it up because you have to protect them from agents," said Darnell. "The NFL, the teams themselves whether they get him this year, next year or the next they know they're going to get him when the time comes.

"The guys who really cause the problems are the agents because if they miss him once they've missed their paycheck. Dealing with agents is the critical issue there. There's good agents and bad agents and they're going into the business so it doesn't matter because when they get into [players] heads it changes things."

So what are the chances of the Broncos losing the services of Jennings for his senior season? "I'm not a loser. I don't see myself going out like this," said Jennings about WMU's poor season. "I'm not closing my mind to the situation and the whole possibility of me leaving but I have a more solid feeling that I am staying. Honestly I really don't think about leaving."

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