Ernest Osborne Q&A

He has played in every game this season, often as a backup, and has received attention from NFL scouts since fall camp. Ernest Osborne talked to the media on Monday about the frustrating season along with a look at the upcoming game with Miami (OH).

Can you talk about what happened Saturday?

We struggled in the first half defensively with a couple missed assignments and stuff like that. It took a while for the defense to settle down, but once we settled down it at least looked a little better.

Where do the missed assignments come from being nine games into the season?

With how the season has went I guess it's hard for some of the guys to focus and get the job done. If you take away a couple of the big plays and our record was a little better it'd be easier to focus and get things done.

What goes on in the locker room after a first half like at BGSU?

There's a lot of raised emotions and stuff like that. You know there are things you've been working on all week and you know you can do a better job. You just try to get the guys motivated to finish.

Are the problems this year not being prepared or are the players not executing?

I think we're prepared fine. From the film I see a guy slip here or there and a big play comes out of that. As far as being prepared we're well prepared.

Is it hard to come out every day being 1-8, or does your love for football overcome that?

For me it does. I play my last game like I played my first. It's just a love for the game and I'm going to continue to do what I do.

How important is it for you seniors to play well in your last home game?

I'm excited for the last game. A lot of my family will be at the game so of course I want to put on a show for them. This might be one of the last times I ever pad up so I'm just going to have fun out there.

How have the assistant coaches dealt with the disappointing season?

Each week they try to come out and try to motivate but there's only so much you can say to try and get guys ready to go.

What are your thoughts on playing Miami?

I know we're preparing for a pretty good team and I'm excited to go through practice and get ready for these guys. I'm excited to play them. I've looked at some film and they seem to be pretty legit. I'm just going to have fun going through practice and doing the best we can do when we play them. Hopefully we can beat them.

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