Tyson DeVree Q&A

The younger half of what WMU officials have dubbed the "Dynamic T&T," Tyson DeVree brought down four catches for 41 yards in Saturday's loss to Bowling Green. He talked to the media on Monday about that loss, the remainder of the season and his old high school team in the MHSAA playoffs.

Can you reflect on how the game went Saturday?

52-0 nothing again… It's not nice to loss that way, it never is. We'll take what we can from it, learn from it and apply it to the last two games that we have.

With Ryan Cubit injured what will this week in practice mean for Blayne Baggett taking over the starting job?

I feel the team has a lot of confidence in Blayne. Both of them are well balanced QBs. Blayne actually gives us another aspect to the game, he can run the ball and take it out of the pocket sometimes and make plays that way too.

Is Saturday's loss rock bottom or is the whole season rock bottom?

We still got two games left and we got to keep it optimistic. Bowling Green, they're a good team you can't take anything away from them. Central Michigan was a tough loss, anytime it's a close game and you feel you have it won and you end up losing its tough there.

Did losing that game at Central take the wind out of your sails for the Bowling Green game?

It definitely would have helped to win. It was tough, we had to bounce back from that and we tried to take things from that game and learn from that and we're getting to be a better team. We're looking to make our mark at the end of the season with the last two teams we have left which are both great teams.

What do you take out of a game like that?

Mistakes that we made that we could have done better, ball control, turnovers aren't where we want to be, just little things.

What's the atmosphere like at halftime in a big loss?

Not good because we went into half at something like 49-0. Coach Darnell was telling us we had to do what we could to make ourselves a better team at that point. We're not going to be able to win the game from there being down 49-0, but hopefully be able to build from the next half and take it a half at a time and get better.

What do you look forward to now?

I look forward to playing Miami of Ohio and Marshall, which are good teams and make our mark at the end of the season by beating them. We have a good shot I believe and it'd be fun to spoil their party.

Is spoiling their seasons an extra motivator at this point?

You play for personal pride too, but winning a MAC championship for us right now is out of reach and we have to realize that so you look for other things. Spoiling their season would feel good for us.

How about your old high school team – Hudsonville – in the playoffs?

Who do they play? Muskegon? They've already lost to them once so I know the coaching staff and the team will be looking for revenge. It's always exciting to see how they do.

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