A New Attitude

When the Bronco football team begins its 100th season of football competition next fall it will do so with the 14th head coach on program history – Bill Cubit. With the change at the helm will come a new attitude at Waldo stadium in an effort to turn around a program that went 1-10 last season.

"We need a little bit of an attitude change," said an enthusiastic Cubit. "We're going to have fun. That's all I'll ask of my players.

"There has to be a different mind set with our players. There's a reason why you go 1-10 and I think our guys must rededicate themselves."

Cubit made it very clear that the talent to win is already on campus. "We all know the talent's here," said Cubit. "The desire of our student athletes, it's there.

"What we're going to try to do with this football program is we're going to bring excitement out there… We'll have great intensity by our student athletes. But the thing we have to get done right now is the passion, getting out there and working as hard as we can."

When the process of finding Gary Darnell's replacement began and Cubit first flew to Kalamazoo in the interview process he said he felt right at home as soon as he stepped off the plane in Kalamazoo.

"The difference here was finding a person who had it in their heart," said Director of Athletics Kathy Beauregard. "I know how hard [Bill Cubit's] heart is beating right now, and it's playing the Bronco fight song."

Cubit even said that he loved Western Michigan so much that, "I sent my son here. That says a lot." His son Ryan Cubit became the starting quarterback of the Broncos after Blayne Baggett went down with an injury against Virginia Tech last season.

Emotions were so high in the room during the press conference to announce his hiring that Cubit broke down in tears twice when first addressing those in attendance. "He wasn't the only one," said son Ryan.

Those emotions got the entire room excited for next season including Greg Jennings who could be seen grinning ear to ear when asked for his reaction to the new coach.

The new attitude in the program began during the press conference itself as the new boss made it clear that "there is no excuse to go out there and not be in every game," said Cubit. "We're not rebuilding, we're starting now and we're going to go get this thing done now."

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