Jennings Excited for New Coach

During yesterday's press conference senior to be Greg Jennings had a huge smile on his face obviously happy with the choice of Bill Cubit to be the next WMU head coach. The excitement in the room was electric and in no small part due to Jennings' enthusiasm.

"We're all excited… we're all very excited," said Jennings who couldn't contain his happiness. "He's a great coach, I've heard a lot about him, I've watched his offenses play and he's just a great coach."

Jennings could be the biggest beneficiary of the offensive style that Cubit brings with him, a style he had at WMU when he was offensive coordinator. "I think people remember what kind of offense we were," said Cubit.

Not that the Bronco offense was not good the last few years as Jennings holds numerous season and game receiving records, but Jennings is approaching career records that were set while Cubit was an assistant here, records that could easily fall next season with an aggressive air attack.

"Aggressive, high pressure," were the words used by Cubit to describe the style of play that will be at WMU.

"On my end of the bargain I don't mind it at all," said Jennings about the new coach being from an offensive background. "Especially with the reputation he has as an offensive coordinator we absolutely are coming with open arms and we're ready to get it going."

Although Jennings isn't convinced that the firing of Gary Darnell as head coach was necessary he is confident that "you'll see a totally different football team out there. Sometimes you just need that spark plug and I think that coach Cubit will be that spark plug."

And the talent to get the Broncos back to winning is there according to Jennings. "I don't think we were a 1-10 team, some guys just quit playing and we just totally laid down," he said. "We have the talent, trust me. We have the team and the capability of winning the MAC and I promise you will see a totally different team out there.

"We're going to go out there and try to win every game. That's what we need to do and that's what we need in a head coach."

So how does Greg Jennings really feel? "We're just excited," he said for the fourth time in the interview. "Let's win some games."

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