Ben Reed Q&A

Broncos Illustrated sat down with senior guard Ben Reed from the defending MAC champion basketball team. Expectations remain high after last season's run and Reed makes it clear that the team comes first.

What will it take to get another MAC championship ring this year?

Just going out there and trying to play our style of basketball every game. Be a team, it's a team game, have a team atmosphere and just work hard. Do what we do which is Bronco basketball… tough hard-nosed defense, banging, trying to score every possession.

Do you feel the defense is where it needs to be so far this season?

You could say yes, but you could also say no. I think the intensity is there but I don't think our communication is where it needs to be right now. The defense is there, but it's just the little things right now.

What will it take for you to follow Mike Williams and win you own MAC Player of the Year award?

I'm not even worried about that right now. I'm just trying to do what's best for the team right now and I just try to go out there and play hard and whatever the team needs. I feel if we play hard and we win the awards will take care of themselves.

Do you see your roll on the team being any different this season?

I think it's about leadership on the court and including off the court too. I just have to be more vocal and I have to lead by example a lot more. I just have to be a more complete player and play better defense and do a lot of those little things.

Are there any lingering effects of the knee injury you suffered as a freshman?

You have good days; you have bad days. Some days it's 100% but some days you have to put ice on it after practice. There's ups and downs to it and I have to play like it's not bothering me at all, but after games I'm icing it down.

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