Interview: Philip Reed

He is a quiet leader that chooses to lead by example with hard work. His goals are very team oriented and he talks about it in this interview. He lead the team in total yards (563) and average (4.4) last year and seems poised to better that performance. He discusses what brought him to WMU and how his time has gone here thus far.

Many players have singled you out as being a leader, talk about that
I try to be a quiet leader. I am constantly training, I think I've been blessed with an incredible work ethic. The training and playing on Saturdays is most fun of all to me. I hope that it appeals to others and they view me as a leader for the work I put in.

Why Western?
The atmosphere. I came to a game my junior year against Bowling Green, the last game of the year. The crown and the people here were just great.

Who else recruited you?
Toledo, Central Michigan, Ball State and Northwestern

Are you happy with your decision?
It has been twice as good as I expected and I expected a lot. It has just been great, I love it here.

What are you majoring in?
Exercise Science. I'd like to get into physical therapy as a career but pro ball is my dream first.

What are the goals this spring?
I think it is to build the comaraderie on the offense. We need to get the intensity back and get the running game going.

What is your current height, weight and 40?
5-10 200 and I last ran a 4.51 40.

What are your plans for the summer?
I am going to stick around here with the team. I'll get a job and work out all summer.

Who are some players you spend time with away from the field?
Matt Steffen and Chad Wangerin are two that I room with.

What are your personal goals for 2002?
I want to get more carries and that comes from working hard. I want the coaches to trust me with the ball. If it takes less carries for me personally to help the team win then I'm all for that.

Who are some players that look especially good this spring?
I think Mark Ottney (OT) is one. He is very aggressive. Kevin Ford (DB) is another, he is going to be a player! I also think Christian Hodges (DB) definitely looks good for just coming in this semester.

What are some things you like to do outside of football?
I watch a lot of movies. My girlfriend calls me the "Blockbuster guy" because I watch so many movies. I am also a big college football and basketball fan. I followed Notre Dame, Michigan and Northwestern growing up. I'm a fan in general really for college sports.

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