Interview: C Jake Gasaway

Jake Gasaway returns for his senior year to anchor the offensive line. He talks about the progress of the offensive line this spring as well as the changes associated with a new offensive line coach. As a senior he has a lot of goals for this upcoming season and he discusses these with us in this interview.

What was your focus for this spring period?
The seniors as a group wanted to keep everyone positive all the time. We put a lot of effort into this. We want to get back to where we were when we got here. There are a lot of little things that are important as a team. Not being late to meetings, paying attention all the time to coaches, etc. I want to get everybody on the same page, get the young guys together. I think we've gotten a lot better this spring. We started slow and really focused on technique and I think we got better every day.

What did you personally focus on this spring?
I've worked some on long snapping. I'm only snapping for extra points and field goals but have worked on my long snapping on Wednesday's to get better.

Were you able to escape spring ball healthy?
Yes, I had a high ankle sprain last year against Virginia Tech and then sprained my other ankle about the sixth game or so. I've been taping ever since, didn't much before that. I've felt fine this whole spring.

What are you majoring in?
Marketing. I'm interested in getting into Food Marketing.

Plans for the summer?
I'm a December grad and I'll take a couple of classes this summer. I'll stay here all summer and work out with the guys.

What are you at currently for height and weight?
6-3 and 280 right now.

Talk about coach Cummings
The schemes have changed, I think I picked it up quickly. He's worked with me on technique. I'm not the biggest guy so I try to win with technique. Coach Cummings teaches a very different technique than I've had before. It is a lot different.

Goal for your senior season?
A lot of people are talking about winning the MAC. I really believe we want it, it isn't just talk. Guys are putting in the work. I also want the offensive linemen to get comfortable with each other. We're under the microscope and if we do well people will see that right away. I also think it is extremely important that we have a 1,000 + yard running back. We need to establish some balance and that starts up front with us. If we have a balanced offense, that takes pressure off the quarterback.

Why did you choose WMU?
I came here on an unofficial visit first and loved the atmosphere. Coach Rock recruited me and when I came on my official visit it was great. I loved the Business School and Western is close to home so my parents can come to every home game.

What do you like to do outside of football?
I love to golf. I do that every chance I can get. Also I'd say I'll take out my dad's Harley whenever I can get away with that (laughing).

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