Interview: Wally Ake

Wally Ake is in his second season with the Broncos, coaching the safeties. He takes some time to update us on the depth chart at safety and what he is expecting this season from the group.

Talk about the depth chart at safety
For the first unit we have Carlos Smith at free safety, Scott Robinson at strong safety and Jason Feldpausch at weak safety. Second unit is Kevin Ford at free safety, Jermaine Foreste at strong safety and Christian Hodges at weak safety.

Any particular goals you had for this unit as far as off-season workouts?
Just a speed program in general. The upper classmen participated in a lot of 7-on-7 drills as well.

How did Christian Hodges perform in your opinion during the spring?
Christian was hurt early and never got healthy but he adjusted well though. He learned the system real well, just needs to go full speed this fall.

Any adjustments we can expect this year from the safety position?
Our scheme is fine, we're just going to move some people around compared to last year to focus on stopping the run and produce the best results for us. I hope to make more plays and execute a lot better this year.

Talk about the having Carlos Smith back for another year
Carlos is a big plus. He is very smart and understands the scheme and we have a lot of confidence when he is out there.

Anything in particular you are working on during fall ball?
We have a progression schedule we're following, we'll work on the two-back defense a little more yet. Our current offense vs. defense doesn't give us a lot of that right now.

Talk about your time here on the staff
I think this is a great program, I'm working for the right type of guy. The 8 man front type scheme is what I always wanted. Overall I think it is a great program to be affiliated with.

Where are you responsible for in recruiting
I recruit pretty much in Michigan only, west of Marshall. That is my area.

Any goals you have for the safeties this season?
We're working on some and the seniors will add some others. Some we have now include cranking the top 25 in the polls, increase interceptions and/or sacks and improve our run support.

Talk about the strong defensive line and how they can help you and the safeties this season
The strong defensive line is going to help a lot. The key is to make the quarterback throw that ball before he'd like to. When that ball is in the air, we have to think it is our's. It is an attitude we need to have.

What are your career aspirations in coaching?
Being a head coach is a goal I'd say but I'm not going to drag my family around. I really like it here and am at the age that I like being secure and not moving around a lot.

Any final thoughts right now?
Overall I'm very confident in our 2-deep right now, we'll be ready!

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