Interview: QB Chad Munson

Chad Munson is in his junior year of eligibility and recently transferred here from Compton College in California. He has been challenging Jon Drach for the starting quarterback position and we caught up with him recently to see where he sees himself fitting into the equation among other things.

How are things going overall in your opinion?

Things are going great, the whole team is coming together offensively and defensively. The offense makes great plays and then the defense makes great plays. Guys on the team are all in a competition no matter the position. That keeps the whole team competitive and makes practices more competitive. I think practices here at Western Michigan have been tougher [than junior college] because of that competition.

Where are you at personally in preparing for the season?

I really don't know where I'm at exactly, I'm just trying to pick it up each day. I think in the next week or so if I was asked to be in the position play I could definitely step up and do it. I'm just waiting for the shot.

Talk about the offensive line

I saw the offensive line work is spring ball and adjustments working hard and I think over the summer a lot of them have worked overtime. They've come out to camp here and are working hard. The competition there is pushing everyone to be better there. The line is stepping it up now because of that competition.

Your impressions of the defense going against them daily?

Our defense is strong, fast and make it hard on us to make plays. What I think is great is to go into these games and have a great team on both sides of the ball and that will help us in the big games this year. It will help us being strong on both sides.

Thoughts on the schedule this year?

I see some of these ‘big name' teams on TV but I know a lot of players on those teams and it just seems like another day back home playing football. You can't look at one person being a giant and one being a midget because the midget may be stronger and you'd never know it. You just have to go into each day and play ball.

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