The Browning Diaries

Chris Browning discusses the Purdue game and what the mindset is for both himself and the team. Though the focus is now on Virginia Tech, the tough loss to Purdue is one that will stick in the minds of Broncos for some time.

Timeline: Thursday, September 19th

We felt like it was a game we should have won. We respect Purdue but thought we could have won that game, should have in my point of view. A few plays here and there cost us. They capitalized and we didn't.

At halftime, we were up 14-7 and the defense was pumped up and the offense was happy and we felt that we would win the game. The second half we kept our poise and except for a few key plays we played well and those plays cost us and we can't have that.

Everyone was upset after the game from the coaches on down. This game did help us in that we know we can contend with anyone. We have the talent and coaching here and just need to eliminate the mistakes. I think from a defensive point of view we did our job and I am also happy with the special teams as we had a nice run back and also Apa had a long field goal that was huge.

Combined it was a good game but against a top caliber team like Purdue we have to eliminate the mistakes. We learned a lot about the little things. We are not taught to lose so this is very tough for us right now. We'll be all right. We'll build on this and keep our confidence.

It was very hot out there and we rotate well on the defensive line and we are well conditioned so I don't think physical conditioning played a part in the game. I was cramping up pretty bad after the game and actually had an IV in me for a while but during the game it did not affect my play. We are a fast, up-tempo type defense that flies around to the football and that is what we did all day.

Guys are now in the groove for school, tests are coming up and homework is in full swing. It is a full load right now, study table is going well for the guys that need it. Guys know what they need to get done and they are doing it. It is a tough life style but there are rewards in the long run for us. Coach has gotten the guys in here that can handle it and handle it well.

With the meetings, school and practice that pretty much eats up most of my time. I don't go out as much as time is precious. The main focus is school and football but you have to have some social life to stay fresh!

Purdue is behind us, it will stick with some guys more than others. Our focus is already on Virginia Tech and it should be that way.

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