Jon Drach Postgame Comments

Jon Drach took time to address the media after the 30-0 loss to Virginia Tech. He talks about some of the missed opportunities and comments on Virginia Tech's defense. He also makes a comparison between Virginia Tech's defense and Michigan's defense.

"They did a good job. They played the coverage we thought they were going to play. I think we got them on some of the things we needed to get them on. I made some bad throws, fumbled the ball twice. Can't make mistakes like that when you're playing the #5 team in the country and expect to win the game."

"We gave them the ball and put our defense in a horrible situation two times, and one time we didn't give the defense a chance to get on the field."

On not being able to score late in the first half.

"I don't think it really made a difference because our defense went out the very next series and stopped them. Our defense really played well, you've got to give them a lot of credit. Those are two incredible running backs and I think that our defense did an amazing job at shutting them down today, and as an offense as a whole."

About his injured hand.

"It's getting better. I will tell you guys that. The second half we taped it up a little differently. It's no excuse for fumbling the ball. You still have to cover it up. But, it was hard with that big ass thing on my hand. After the second half we taped it up a little bit differently. It wasn't an issue and won't be an issue."

Thoughts on the first play of the game, a deep pass to Jermaine Lewis

You guys probably had a better look at it than I did. I was on my back. We tried to take the pass downfield. I think we did a pretty good job. Coach Rock, I think, called a very good game. We need to have the deep threat and Jermaine has amazing speed and we need to utilize him as a down the field threat. It definitely gets people off around your route. It makes (opponents) respect the offense a little more."

Thought on that one play

"I thought the defense did a great job out there. But still we had our opportunities and we moved the ball. We had a chance to score when it was 3-0. If we score right there, that's all our momentum. We had a chance for a touchdown. I made a horrible throw on a little post route to Greg Jennings. I threw it at his feet, it's not his fault at all, it's my fault. Need to capitalize on opportunities like that, you don't get them very many times against a good team like Virginia Tech."

At 1-3, how does it feel

"We played some really good competition and I think that's what's going to help build us up when we go into the conference. We have Buffalo next week and it's just a building process. You really can't focus on the last week, or the week before. As a team we have goals to be MAC Champs and some other things, and those are all still out there for us. Guaranteed, we're definitely going to go after all those too."

On Virginia Tech's Defense.

"Up front its very, very good, they're fast. Michigan were very big guys, non-stop guys, and they would get up field to make sacks too. But, Virginia Tech just flies around. In the secondary, I think Michigan had a little bit of an advantage, they were a little bit bigger guys. They will come up and rough you up a little bit more."

Comment on Chad Munson's condition

"He's all right. He will be okay. He just took a hit to the head one time."

On how this loss will affect his relationship with his roommate, Munson

"Now we won't talk for a couple weeks now. No we will be all right."

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