Jason Babin Postgame Thoughts

Broncos Illustrated was there when Jason Babin took the time to talk to the press after their 30-0 loss to the Virginia Tech Hokies. Jason talks about the performance of the defense, about stopping "the Untouchables," and he makes a comparison between Virginia Tech and Michigan.

On the shovel pass to Lee Suggs for a touchdown.

"He's a pretty fast running back, I wasn't quite fast enough."

On the defense getting momentum.

It was definitely an exciting thing. We knew we were losing, we were out there 5 and out, we had two 3 and outs. Even though they were beating us, we were pumped up. We were, "hey, if you guys want to punt, punt, we will get back in there and do it again." We were really excited to play, especially the level we were playing at.

Perception of the running backs.

"I don't really like to have too many expectations when it goes into playing. You see the media hyping them up; they're untouchable, they're this, they're that, but they are just like anybody else. I know the defense personally wasn't too concerned about doing that level."

On how it feels to be 1-3.

"I feel the same way (as quarterback Jon Drach), but I still have a real bad taste in my mouth. From 1-3, nobody likes to be a loser, we're not even .500. It's an awful record that's the start of our season. How you start the season, it's big. We didn't start well at all. We're all Division 1 football teams. You maybe look back past on this conference look so good, this conference looks good, but our conference is good. We're playing good conferences, that's unexcused in my book."

On how Virginia Tech compares to Michigan.

"Their styles are pretty similar. They both like to run the ball right off tackle. I would say Virginia Tech definitely got an advantage with the quarterback, he can really scramble, he really impressed me."

Thoughts on Lee Suggs and Kevin Jones

"If anybody took a look at our stats a week ago, or two weeks ago, we we're the 95th rushing defense in the country. That's embarrassing. If I saw that I would say yeah we are going to run all over them. But, at that point we hadn't come together as a corps yet, the D-line and linebackers. I think we really came together the first part of the game."

"We had some new calls. They like to run 22 personnel, two tight ends, and two running backs. We knew what they were going to do, and they didn't try to hide it at all, so we just lined up and it was man versus man. We go the best of them for those plays."

On whether or not the defense was tired and worn out in the second half.

"Not to bad. The only time I think the defense was tired was the on long drive that went all the way down from their twelve, all the way in. That was tiresome. Other than that, we were 3 and out, 5 and out. The defense wasn't too bad at all."

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