Gitler Press Conference Quotes

Jack Gitler took the time on Monday to address the media. "Nasty" Jack gives us his thoughts on the game against Virginia Tech, he talks about the transition from playing the tough non-conference schedule to playing the MAC schedule, and his thoughts on playing the Mid-American Conference portion of the schedule.

Jack's overall thoughts on the game against Virginia Tech.

"We came out with a pretty good idea what the defense wanted to do coming out and stopping the run. Jones and Suggs, the running backs of theirs, the name been give to them the "Untouchables". We wanted to come out and show that we can play against the run and that we can stop the run. It's pretty much our goal we have for the entire season, coming out and showing that we can do it against a team like Virginia Tech shows that we should be able do it against any other team we go against."

Talks about the confidence shutting down Virginia Tech's running game heading into MAC play.

"We came in, we wanted to believe that we could stop anyone, and that's what we did. We had a mindset, we are going to stop the two running backs they were suppose to be two of the best backs in the nation. Going into these MAC games now, there's no reason the defense should be looking down at them and thinking that they are not going to be as good as what we have played against, you know like Virginia Tech. We have to come out at every game now and show that we can do it against all the teams that we do play."

Thoughts on the transition from playing teams such as Michigan, Purdue, and Virginia Tech to playing the teams on their MAC schedule.

"It's a new season, because now this is where it counts. We want to go in, do our best in the MAC. Our goal is winning the MAC West and taking the MAC overall. In the transition, it important to show that to go out and play tough against all teams we go against. Whether it was Michigan, Virginia Tech, and Purdue or now it's Buffalo, Central Florida, and Northern Illinois that we have to play the same against all these schools. It starts against Virginia Tech, how we came out, we did stop the run, but do it against all the other schools play just as tough as we played against them."

Thoughts on where the defense is at heading into MAC play.

"I think the defense is starting to hit all caliber's. I think there is a couple of things we can do to be better. You're never there until you actually have the MAC Championship, you can say that we played our best, and we came out and give yourself through every game. It's a week by week thing and after this last game I think the defense played real well against Virginia Tech. But there is still 8 more weeks, 8 more games to play against, so it's week by week and we're not going to just say that we did well against Virginia Tech but we have to do well against all our other opponents too."

Thoughts on if their has been a concern with the Buffalo game after finishing the last three games.

"Coming in against Buffalo is not as much of a concern. We have to believe that we can play against MAC schools just as we have been playing against these non-conference schools. Buffalo has shown that they had a really big game this last week against Ohio. We have to show that we can with MAC schools too just as well as these non-conference schools."

Thoughts on losing Willie Miller for the season.

"We all feel real bad about losing Willie. Willie is someone you love going out there everyday with. He's a lot of fun practicing and playing with. You can look at it two ways; just keep thinking about how bad it is, we lost Willie or think we lost Willie and how much we want to play better for him. How much do you want to show we're going to do it. He's out now, but we're going to do just as well, we're going to play harder because Willie's gone now."

On whether or not there is a "Nasty" Jack package.

"There actually is a "Nasty" Jack package, believe it or not. It's something we have to keep under cover. There is a "Nasty" Jack package. We all talk about how we all want our own packages, we want our own plays, and this and that. It's something Coach Knowles puts in to make the defense more fun. We go out there and have a good time with it. Just to change things up it just makes it more exciting to go out there and you hear your name, whoever it is; Psych, Babin, or me, just to hear your name said in the play it's fun."

On what he knows about Buffalo

"I know that Buffalo does like to spread the ball out. Just looking over some of their stats overall, they're starting to look at their running game, and their running back is supposed to be doing pretty well this year. I know they are a team that likes to spread the ball and pass a lot. Which, you have to look at it as a plus too, because you have to get after the quarterback a lot too. It's going to be a real interesting game to see, with that string of thought, I should be rushing the quarterback."

On stopping Buffalo quarterback Randall Secky and wide receivers Andre Forde and Chad Bartoszek

"It will be one of our focus' this week, going in playing against their wide receiver and having our defensive backs man up well against them and playing coverage as well. Just shutting it down, instead of planning against Virginia Tech, which was last week, our mindset was on stopping the run."

Thoughts on how the schedule has Central Florida coming to Kalamazoo and Western Michigan going to Buffalo.

"A lot of people ask about that, saying where you're playing at. (Central) Florida is coming here, it would be so much better if you go down there. To me every game is another game. Whether you play at home or on the road you have to play as strong as you can, no matter where you are."

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