Interview: Nick Melcher

Red shirt sophomore Nick Melcher has stepped in this year and played very well on the defensive line sharing time with senior Chris Browning. Melcher talks about his goals for this year and how the Broncos get get things turned around after a 1-3 start.

What is your take on the early part of this season?
No one likes to lose and we take no moral victories from any of the games we've lost. It is hard to deal with and stay positive but we're going to have to deal with it and learn from it.

Will it be tough to turn around after the emotional Virginia Tech game and travel to Buffalo and start the MAC season with no break?
I don't think so. This year the crossover games count as far as east playing west so it is a big game for us to win. We are very focused as a team for this game.

What brought you to Western out of high school?
My defensive coordinator's son played here several years ago (Nick Johnston) so I knew about Western from him. I was offered by Northwestern and I was talking to Northern Illinois some but liked it here. My first time here was when Western was playing Marshall and I really liked the atmosphere, the campus and the area here. It was pretty much an optimal distance from home also so my family can come here to see me play.

Has it been as you imagined it?
No, it has been as adjustment actually. I never played defensive end in high school so playing that here has been different. I played linebacker in high school. I got here and put on some weight and they now have me at end.

What are you at currently for height and weight?
I'm 6-3 and about 245.

What are your goals for this year?
Coming into the year I just wanted to be as big of a factor as Anthony Allsbury, Chris Browning and Jason Babin. Those guys are at a certain level and I wanted to be in that same group. That is still my goal for this year.

What are you majoring in?
Integrated Management Supply

What do you do with your free time?
This semester I'm pretty much swamped and have no free time or anything. No girlfriend, hobbies, etc. (laughing).

Who has been the toughest opponent for you this year?
Definitely Tony Pape from Michigan. His best friend from high school is my room mate Mike McCord so I've known Tony for about three years. We were talking a lot back and forth during the game and I caused him to jump offsides once due to all the harassing I was doing to him. He'd pretty much going on to the next level and he was the toughest to face thus far.

Who has really stepped it up this year for the Broncos in your opinion?
Jason Feldpausch for sure, he does everything right. Kyle Ras has been impressive on the offensive line and Charles Missant has also been tough. He is a real tough guy and has a lot of fire in him.

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