Interview: Jason Feldpausch

Red shirt junior Jason Feldpausch has emerged as one of the top playmakers on the Bronco team so far this season. We caught up to him to get his take on the 1-3 start and also what he feels must be done to start strong in the MAC schedule.

Talk about the mood of the team being 1-3
We feel we're better than our record indicates and we just have to come out and show people that we are right about that. We have to step up our game and get the job done and get the win.

What do you feel you have to work on personally in your game?
I'm always trying to improve my game. There is the deep ball against Purdue that I gave up that I still think about all the time. I feel there is a lot I can do to improve and the whole team is taking that attitude as well. Everyone needs to step it up right now.

Talk about the untimely penalties this team has experienced this year
It is an issue we need to fix. We have to work on this. We need to work on this as well as fundamentals and play a more sound game out there.

What is one thing you need to do to get on track this season?
We need to make more big plays than we give up, it is as simple as that. Teams we are playing are making more big plays than we are and that is a big reason why they are winning and we are not.

Who has been a pleasant surprise to you this year?
I think Tony Carr is playing outstanding at corner for us and that has been great to see.

Who has been your toughest opponent(s) thus far?
I'd say Askew and Perry from Michigan. Those two running backs were very impressive and it hurt to hit them (laughing).

Talk about having your younger Brother Chad on the team
He likes it a lot and he has one thing going for him and that is his work ethic. He's got the ability and he can see that I came here and worked my way up and he knows he can do the same. We live together and spend a lot of time together so it has been great to have him on the team.

Talk about the tough schedule you face the entire year this year, no real breaks
I personally love the tough games. It's what you want, it makes you want to some out and play hard. The MAC is improving fast and we play a tough team every week it seems and that is something I like.

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