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Earlier this week, Kendrick Mosley appeared before the media at the Broncos weekly press conference. In just his first game back from his preseason injury, Mosley led all receivers on the field. He talks about the game against Virginia Tech, Saturday's game against Buffalo, and the loss of Greg Jennings. Kendrick caught the first pass of the game and extended his consecutive game streak of catching a pass in 22 consecutive games.

On how it feels to be back on the field.

"Well it feels pretty good coming out there. Getting involved out there with the team. Just to help trying to contribute getting back on the winning track. We don't think about the before we do it."

Thought's on Virginia Tech being the first team he faced after returning from a preseason injury sustained early in training camp

"It's not the easiest game to come back in. But, I'm the type of person, I'm always up to the challenge. It wouldn't have felt as good if I would have come back for another team. Virginia Tech, that was the first game to come back."

On whether or not he was lobbying the coaching staff to get in the game early on.

"No, I was just trying to let the game come to me. A lot of times when you go out there and worry about catching a lot of balls, or trying to force things to happen, a lot of times things don't happen. Therefore I was hoping for the chance to make a play."

His thoughts on he ended up coming to Western Michigan University.

"Well it's a long story, but to make it short; Coach Cubit, he worked here about three years ago. He was the offensive coordinator, he recruited down there in South Florida. He was a pretty good person. He told me a lot of things and he played a major role in me coming here, but since I came here I have no regrets. So, I'm here now."

His thoughts on the depth of the wide receivers and Coach Darnell's balancing act of the wide receivers.

"The loss of Greg Jennings is going to hurt us because he's a great player. Not only as a receiver, but as a special teams player as well. Like you said, we have a lot of talented receivers, you could put either of our receivers out there, all of us are capable of making plays. I think that will just fuel us a little bit more to make a play for Greg now."

Thoughts on being kept in the second half against Virginia Tech.

"I think that's what it was. He's (Coach Holliday) trying to get me ready for the conference. This was my first game coming back this year. At first I did (look at Coach Holliday to come out), but at the same time I wasn't saying anything because I wanted to make the plays. I think that was the main reason they were doing that."

His feelings on how tough the transition from the non-conference to conference games will be.

"The rest of our games are the most important games. People looking at it like, Buffalo. "Well you all just got done with Virginia Tech tough, now you have Buffalo. How are you going to make the transition?" Me personally I look at it this way, I think the team looks at it like this as well; if you play games on paper, a lot of teams will be upset. The first half of the Virginia Tech game, if you looked at that on paper, a lot of people would have counted us out. That goes to show you, you can't take one lightly. We are just going to approach this game the same as the one we just played."

Thought on the difficulty going from the intensity the team had against Virginia Tech to going on the road to play against Buffalo. Whether they are ready to roll in the conference now.

"I think so, because we all know what we have to do. It starts right now. If we do nothing now, we won't be able to do anything in December. It starts now and I think everybody is going to be there for that one."

Thoughts on getting his timing down

"I don't think it's any different, or as tough, as it would be for anybody else, because I'm a die hard football player. I love playing football. I just wanted to get back out there and just help the team."

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