Pat Dwyer Gives His Thoughts

The Broncos hockey team held their annual Broncos Media Day earlier this week. Broncos Illustrated was on hand for the event and was able to sit down with the 2001-2002 Rookie of the Year. Patrick Dwyer shares with us his thoughts on getting the season underway, his participation in the USA Junior evaluation, and about avoiding the "sophomore slump."

Are you excited about the season getting underway?

"Yeah, I'm really excited. It was a long summer. I am looking forward to seeing what this team can do."

You went to the USA Junior Evaluation camp. Can you talk about that a little bit?

"There was 45 kids from around the country. Went to camp and played a couple games against Finland. It was a good time."

How do you think you did? Did that help you keep in shape for this season?

"I thought I did pretty well and I think it got me in really good shape for this year."

Do you see anyway you can improve upon your freshman season last year?

"I think I should improve a lot. But I got to get away from the "sophomore slump" that we've had around here for awhile and just keep working hard no matter what's going on."

Do you think you are going to be able to avoid the "sophomore slump?"

"I want to, and if I get in it I just have to keep working hard until I get out of it."

You were drafted by the Atlanta Thrashers, did you go down there (Atlanta) to take a look at their facilities or anything like that?

"No, I didn't go down there. I didn't go to the draft either. I talked to them before the draft and kind of had an idea that they were going to take me, but I haven't seen any of their facilities or anything."

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