The Browning Diaries

Chris Browning had one of his best games of his career against Virginia Tech, flying around to the football all day. He talks about the experience of having Virginia Tech in Waldo Stadium as well as what the team needs to do this week at Buffalo to get back on track.

Timeline: Wednesday, October 2nd

Right now is the heart of everything, no more bye weeks and school is cranking. Our first tests are coming up and I actually have a mid-term already in one class. Papers are due, projects are due and research is always being done for something. It is overwhelming and to find time for a social life is hard to do. I think I'm keeping up better being a fifth year guy. I'm more organized then I have been in the past.

Right now if you are dinged up at all you have mandatory treatment first thing in the morning and then classes and then lunch and then practice. In the evening we spend the whole time on homework and game planning. It is almost like going to two schools simultaneously. The time spent at practice and off the field preparing is equal time-wise.

I'm out there to win, it was exciting playing Virginia Tech but the important thing is to get the W on the scoreboard. That is the loudest I've heard the stadium I think and we only had 27,000 fans at the game. Overall though, it is no fun to lose.

I think our defense was the "untouchables" in the game. Everything was clicking for us. The corners and secondary have played so well this year. Scott Robinson, Sam Reynolds, Tony Carr, Jason Feldpausch and Carlos Smith have been great, they all have back there. I think we've proven we can be the best defense in the MAC this year. Virginia Tech is very well coached and fundamentally sound but we had them scared for a while.

I feel like these first four games are my best overall since I've been here. The coaches have told me that too so I feel good about the way I'm playing. We have a great D and it is going to be fun to get back on the winning track.

I am sick of losing. We are a good team and just need to do the little things right and I truly believe we could have won a couple of the games we've lost.

I am a big supporter of what coach Darnell is stressing. He really stresses the little things. I don't think our record has anything to do with personnel or coaching. If we do the little things well we will win.

There is a lot of fire on our behinds to win this week. It is a crucial week and we cannot underestimate any team. We are going into this game as if they are a huge team. It doesn't matter who it is, we're going to play Bronco football out there.

I've learned a lot in the three losses this year. We need to capitalize on our opponent's mistakes and minimize our own. I am very proud of our defense and can't say enough about them.

The only thing on my mind is win, win, win. We have a great game plan and the coaches are doing great. Every game counts and we need to concentrate on these next eight games so we can play games nine and 10.

We will be the best defense in the MAC and we are going to play like that and try to bring a championship to Kalamazoo.

Anthony Allsbury was at practice today and I love having him out there. He brings a smile to my face and helps me a lot when he is out there. We have a good bond between us.

It is paramount we get a W this week. We are going to win and take care of business against Buffalo.

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