Browning Diary - Buffalo/UCF

The Broncos got a much needed win last Saturday at Buffalo to start their MAC conference schedule. Chris talks about the game and also looks forward to the Homecoming game against Central Florida, an opponent he says he looking forward to playing.

Timeline: Monday, October 7th

The MAC is a tough place to get a road win and going to Buffalo we knew we had to be self motivated since obviously were the only ones there (laughing). We had more fans than they did I think. Playing in front of 106,000 to the point where we were playing in front of basically just Bronco fans at Buffalo, I'm proud of the way we came out and reacted. We needed that W more than anything. I'm real happy with the win. I'm a little beat up from the game but I'm happy we got the job done because that is what I've wanted for the last four games.

I want to apologize to my family for the Buffalo game since I only played two quarters. They know something is wrong if I'm not in the game. I just wanted to say sorry to them for coming that far to see me and I didn't play the second half. I felt bad about that after the game. I'm fine now but was a little banged up for the second half there.

Any win in the MAC is good because that is what our goal is. Playing against Michigan and Virginia Tech is great but we play to win the MAC first and it feels good. The chemistry was good and we got the win but we were expected to win that game and we are not expected to win the game this week against Central Florida. A lot of people seem to be in their favor. Some people doubt us and we need to come out and prove we are the real deal. Not only this game but the next three games really. We've got a real good schedule ahead of us.

Playing at Waldo Stadium is going to be to our favor and hopefully it stays cold. We love the fans here and we love to play here as it is our house and we take it personal. I don't know anything about the supposed trash talking from Central Florida and I don't want to say anything, but I'll leave it that things will be settled on the field Saturday. They are a good team, but we're better.

They haven't given up a sack in eight quarters and we've had one in every game for a while. Something has to give. They are a passing team and that is what they do and we need to get to the quarterback. Our secondary has really stepped up. If we keep up that level we're going to be very solid for the entire year. Every game our offense gets better too. Each game they are going to get more confident and they are clicking more and more.

This is Homecoming, the school has a whole bunch of stuff going on and I think it will be a fun, exciting week. Central Florida is a great team to play and I think if I could pick anyone to play it would be them. They are coming into the MAC and we are going to show them what the MAC is all about. We're going to have a lot of fans this week and that helps us as we play better and we feed off of it.

It gets tougher and tougher off the field. I'm trying to graduate personally. You have four days basically to concentrate on school and your opponent before you're in the hotel again ready to play football. Every week there is a heavier load on you. I'm getting closer and closer to graduation so I have to manage my time and stay on top of things.

Coach Darnell is a little easier on us seniors as he knows we know what we need to do. As he says if you know how to be a champion off the field you will be one on the field. My dad has always told me to ‘take care of things off the field, the little things, and you'll be a champion on the field.' What you do on the field comes natural. Off the field you have to be proactive and get treatment and go lift to stay on top. We live a different life style with classes, press, friends calling, school, meetings, etc. Everyone always wants to talk to you and that just makes us better in the long run. I think in my time here it has matured me from a young man to a grown man.

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