Babin's UCF Comments

Following the Broncos 27-31 loss Jason Babin addressed the media. Despite his short answers he gave his thoughts on UCF's offensive line, on the WMU game plan for UCF, and a few other thoughts as well.

His thoughts on what he was doing in the beginning of the game.

"I was dropping back in the pass coverage. We've always had it in our package. We just haven't utilized it against a dominant passing team like that."

His thoughts on being double-teamed.

"Yeah, I talked to some of the players after the game. They told me they had me as they played schemes from two weeks ago. They had a meeting about me and what they were going to do. There is no excuse for not getting any sacks or not making any big plays.

His thoughts on how the absence of Chris Browning affected UCF offensive scheme.

"I know for a fact. It they are going to double team me, somebody's going to have more than one some where. Someone should have been coming free."

His thoughts on whether or not the defense blitzed that much.

"No. We really didn't. We blitzed a little bit in the beginning in the 1st and some at the end of the 3rd, but we didn't blitz all that much."

His thoughts on if that was part of the overall plan.

"Yes. Their spread offense matched up well with our base defense. So there was no need to blitz a lot."

Babin's thoughts on the mood in the locker room.

"It's not good at all. We're not happy about this. This was a game that we needed to win. It's a MAC game, a cross over game. Everybody's quite upset about it, which they should be. They shouldn't feel good about it. They shouldn't walk out of here saying, "Oh, okay it's fine now." They need to go home and think about it. Everybody on the team needs to think about it. I'm sure the coaches feel the same way."

Babin on having trouble getting pressure on the Golden Knights offense.

"Yeah, we had quite a bit of trouble getting pressure on the quarterback. I couldn't look back and say it was one particular thing. I wish I knew then what the problem was. I still don't know what the problem was. We just weren't getting after them, myself included. They were doing a good job blocking us. The quarterback does a good job of catching the ball and throwing it right away. So, if we get there it's to late, because he's already got the ball gone."

Babin talks about the UCF Golden Knight's offensive line.

"I don't know their measurement or their size. They didn't seem to me to be that big, they seem to be average."

Did you guys expect them to throw that much?

"We expected them to be a little more balanced. Mainly 60/40 (passes/run) is what we had anticipated"

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