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After the Broncos lost to UCF 27-31, Coach Darnell took the time to talk to the media. He gave his thoughts on the Broncos race for the MAC Championship game, on the play of quarterback Chad Munson, and on the defense's ability to get to Ryan Schneider, among other thoughts.

"If you just begin with the obvious, is that Central Florida played a fine football game. They played one more play better than we did. It's enough to win the football game and that's it. I think it's hard to travel into a MAC school and win a game. It was hard to win here today, but they found a way to do it. It wasn't us giving it away, or anything else, they found a way to get one more play than we did and that's what it takes to win. I know this, this is one that hurts is painful, painful, but the uniqueness of it and the equity and the better plan of conference it's not fatal for us though. We still control our own destiny, there's no margin left for us, but at the same time we're still alive in this race and we control our own destiny. We win the rest of our games, we can be in the championship game. We just got to make sure that what happened, wasn't fatal. We heal the hurt and move on."

Coach Darnell talks about the quarterbacks.

"It was just because we felt like the coverage's and things that it was going to take a strong arm to put it in there. I felt like Chad (Munson) could do that and I think he did that. It was time to see if he could take us through a whole game. You know Jon (Drach) has had the opportunity to do that. Wanted to see him stay with it and I don't have any regrets about how we did that. The game played itself out rather well. We had our chances and in the finality it was more about Central Florida than it was about us."

Coach Darnell's thoughts on the interception on the Broncos final play of the game.

"Yes, it was a great play by the UCF kid. I am not going to make excuses, Chad on that one made a bad decision, I mean he made a horrible decision. So, it's not because he is going to get a lot of credit for making a lot of other good decisions, but that particular one was a bad decision."

His thought's on Munson's play.

"He puts some throws in there that sometimes we don't get. We had more digs thrown today and a little longer ball as far as 12 a little over 18-yards. He can throw them on a line. So, he did those things well, but after preparing this last week at practice, I am really optimistic about using the two-headed quarterback system now. I think there is things that Jon can do that we can really put some things to and I think there's some things that Chad can do. I think as we go through, we can mix and match that somewhat and actually create some problems for our opponents."

Coach Darnell talks about avoiding sacks and getting rid of the ball.

"I'm looking at the stats. They say we got 4 sacks and it seemed like we had 10. We've said all along, we are going to keep moving forward, that's going to come along and it's going to make the numbers all even out in the finality. It's still yet a critical time. We got one that puts us in a 3rd and 16, but we got it back. But, it was non-sensible and it was flat missed a couple of blocks. Those are much fewer today and it puts pressure on them to really have to keep trying to get up field and they blitzed a lot. There was a lot of things you can point to in that regard that made us feel better about our football team."

Coach Darnell's thought's on passing as much as they did.

"I think there's teams you go out there and can throw every snap. Sometimes I think we ought to be one of them. But the running game, that keeps us, that's contrary to my background. Seeing things that the passing game presents to you is a lot easier to define than seeing things that the running game has to search out. You get in the running game you have to sit there and figure out is that guy lined up with the nose guard on this side of the face mask or that side of the face mask. It makes all the difference in the world how you block things. The picture, as far as the passing game, is much clearer. So it's really easier to decipher a passing game strategy than it is a running game sometimes. In particular, if you just don't have the horses to just knock people around. We're a little bit in that situation right now. Passing game suits us fine. They got the same deal. Mike's background in the NFL and all that sort of thing, that was the obvious route. We can stop a run and we can do that, so the obvious route is to do what they did."

Coach Darnell's thought's on what UCF did to keep the Broncos defense from getting to the quarterback.

"A couple of things. The officials allowing them to set their offensive line deep and he lines up deeper then his guy is going to throw it. There is just some guys like that. The easiest one for me to remember was Tommy Maddox, he went like 20 games and never got sacked. Some schemes do that. It's a good idea. It works okay, but that wasn't the reason we lost the football game, because we had double coverage on the right people at the right time. Twice we got pass interference on it and a couple of times he hit the ball in there where people were covered. My point is, that's what works best for them and it's an okay thing to do"

Coach Darnell talks about Chris Browning

"He just wasn't available to play today. The injury thing, I think you all know, is starting to get into things that you are just going to have to start accepting that he's not available"

Coach Darnell's thoughts on how much Browning's absence hurt the defensive line.

"Chris means a lot to our defense. I think the freshness of him, towards near the end, might have got one more, particularly that last drive. If you could have stopped them one time and not let them get that field goal, basically we are setting down there and just set on the clock until you kick the field goal and the game is over. Assuming that other things happen. We miss Chris. We played 3/4th of the game last week without him, also. I have learned in football that you just have to play with what you have got. Some guys figure out a way to get that done and some guys don't. We didn't quite get it done today."

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