Babin One-on-One

Last week, Broncos Illustrated had the opportunity to talk to Jason Babin one-on-one. We talked about his performance at Buffalo, his preparations for last weekends game against the UCF Golden Knights, and his grade school and high school nickname. Make no "bones" about it, Jason has become a fan favorite in Kalamazoo as well as making a name for himself across the country.

On Saturday (October 5) you had a really good game. Could you talk a little bit about that?

"Actually, Saturday was not because I had so many TFL's (tackles-for-loss), 3 sacks, and stuff like that. To me it wasn't a good game because of that; it was a good game because I was always close on my assignments. I had a few bad assignments here a few bad assignments in the games prior, but that was the first game where all of my assignments were right on. I was so happy about getting everything right more so than getting the sacks and TFL's.

You were talking about their designed play, Joker 93, whatever that was. How it was a designed pass play to try to, kind of, control you. Do you find that a lot with some of the other teams you play, they have a set play to where it ends up being designed to try to control you and go down field?

"It's not so much that one play, it's kind of like the offensive line protection. A lot of times they will slide their protection to me if I'm up blitzing or if I'm coming on the edge and they want to run a play to me. They will call it so they can come down and double-team me. It didn't happen so much in the first game, but in more so, as the games got into the 2nd game, 3rd game and then they started getting more, and more, and more. It's definitely not my favorite. "

Central Florida coming up on Saturday (October 12) they have a good quarterback in Ryan Schneider and wide receiver in Gabriel. What's it going to take to get Schneider and for the defense to contain Gabriel?

"Well, he will catch the ball and throw it real fast, you know 3 step or he will catch it with a three throw. It's real quick, that's why he hasn't been sacked so many times, he gets rid of the ball fast, it's not so much of a drop back and throw. But, when he drops back and scrambles, he is able to get sacked quite a few times. We watched the Arizona State tape, they got at him quite a bit and we got a lot of similar stuff that Arizona State runs."

I was talking with your dad before the game. Actually a bunch of us were talking around the truck before the game and he was telling a few stories of how you would train when you were younger. You would tie a chain to a tire and drag that. There was one story he talked about, that I would like to get a little information about. Your nickname "Bones" growing up.

(Chuckling)"That was a little different. I didn't think anyone was ever going to find anything out about that. I was kind of a late bloomer. I didn't grow, get too tall, until my junior year in high school. I was always pretty light. I was always real skinny, skinny and wiry. So I would eat as much as I could, I would always be a joke because I would get an order like some chicken or something like that and I would eat it and I would want to eat more. I would start eating the bones. It was when you're younger, you know. I would eat some of the bones, chicken bones stuff like that. Kind of as a joke, but at the same time kind of being serious. So it kind of stuck with me."

Did it stick with you through high school?

"Yeah, it stuck with me through high school. By the time I was a senior, I was a lot bigger and "Bones" didn't match up. You know small towns, people knew the story so then it got out, "Paw Paw boy used to eat the bones," and stuff like that."

But, that name didn't follow you here at Western?

"Well, apparently it has now."

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