Lattery's Comments

Dana Lattery talked to the media following the Broncos 3-2 victory over the Bowling Green Falcons at Lawson Ice Arena Last Saturday. He gives his thoughts on the Broncos coming away with the 4-points to start the CCHA season, on letting Bowling Green back into the game, and about the Broncos power play among other things.

Dana's thoughts on coming away with the four points after sweeping the Falcons.

"Yeah, it's strange. Can't start the season on a better note than that I guess. Kind of sneaked it through there, we didn't play a full 60 minutes. We got the 4 points and I guess that's all you can ask for over the first weekend."

His thoughts on, the two-minute stretch, where Bowling Green got back into the game.

"We knew they were going to come out hard in the 2nd period, they were down 2-0. They probably drove all day to get here, and just got there legs back. We kind of sat on our heels there and just let them take it to us and we just got shell-shocked for a couple of minutes. We kind of brought it together and say, "hey, we can't have this happen, we've go to much on the line.""

Was it getting kind of chippy out there in the 2nd period?

"Yeah. I saw some shots being taken by the bench. Of course when it's down or tied or it's a close game, it was close yesterday, and it gets chippy. Guys get frustrated. They want to win just as much as we do, so your going to try to take the low blow every once in a while."

His thoughts on two close games to start the season with little preparation beforehand.

"You figure, we only had one game and that was last weekend, and we didn't really get pressured much, not much of a practice there. Yesterday we came back 5-3 and I felt the character coming back on the road like that and pulling out a win. But hey, we pulled it off, we came out flying, and held in there and we got the win and the 4 points, it's big for the first weekend."

His thoughts on the Broncos power play.

"I said before they got their legs back in the 2nd period. Yesterday our power play didn't do anything and to get the two goals out there is good. That's what we needed to get and get our power play going."

You talk about the getting their legs back. They had the same situation as you guys did, traveling overnight to get back here.

"I think they came up this morning. We came back last night, got to bed here and had a whole day to get our legs out and they drove up today. Driving 2 ½ hours before a game, it's never good for you. It takes a good 20 minutes to get your legs out and they were lucky that we weren't up 7-0 after the first period."

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