Hoops Q&A: Steve Green

Steve Green is a redshirt freshman that spent last season gaining strength and weight to his 6-10 frame. He is a smart player who knows his role and should provide this team depth at the center position when needed. We caught up with him during Media Day for his thoughts on the upcoming season.

Thoughts and goals on 2002?
My goal is to come in and not really hurt the team, just do whatever I need to do. We still have our shooters and scorers so I just need to find my role on the team and do that to the best of my ability. I don't want to get pushed around. I'd like to shoot over 70% from the field as well.

You wanted to gain weight coming into this year. How did that go?
I've gained about 20 pounds since last summer so that is looking pretty good and I'm still gaining.

How did the Europe trip and help prepare you for this season?
It is definitely a different style, the game is so different over there. It really helps us because it allowed us to run our stuff and we had to play good defense.

What area do you feel most improved and what do you still need to work on?
Strength and gaining weight is an area I improved a lot but it is the same answer for what I needed to work on (laughing).

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