Munson's BGSU Comments

Chad Munson talked to the media on Saturday, following the Broncos 45-48 loss in overtime against the Bowling Green Falcons. Munson talked about his performance, the team not giving up on their goals, and being able to catch on to the Broncos system among other things.

Chad talks about the game.

"A tough one. We fought the whole 60 minutes of the game and plus going into overtime. It was a tough one that we wanted to pull out."

Does it hurt more losing in overtime?

"Oh yeah. I mean, you try to go in and win the game in the first 60 minutes. If it goes into overtime it makes you want to win it that much more. So, it's like you have to accomplish it it's like winning twice. I mean you win the first time and then you win the overtime. So, it's kind of hard coming out and losing in overtime, it's like losing twice."

Munson talks about the interception he threw.

"It was a little bit high, got tipped in the air, the guy caught it and ran for a touchdown. Not a lot else to say about it."

Munson's thoughts on the teams feeling with a 7 point lead at halftime.

"We felt good going in at halftime. We were happy that we were ahead of them. We knew they were going to come out the second half and be full of energy and they were going to make adjustments and we were going to make adjustments. We did the best we could at halftime making our adjustments and they came out and made better adjustments. It just ended up being their way at the end of the game."

Munson's comments on being comfortable at being able to strike with the long pass now.

"I feel real comfortable with our offense right now. I think it's just taken us a little time to get it going, but once we get it going, it's pretty hard to stopped. We have a lot of people that we can go to and make a lot of plays. Bowling Green gave us a lot of opportunities to throw the ball deep in this game, the most we've had the entire year. So we need to capitalize on it, we took advantage of it, feels good."

Chad talks about the 3rd quarter when Bowling Green was able to get back into the game.

"It was tough. They made some adjustments that we needed to take care of in the 3rd quarter. We came out; we made our adjustments so we started doing a little other things like throwing the ball underneath a little more. We had to capitalize on it, we did and it just ended up their way at the end of the game."

Munson gives his thoughts on the teams goals.

"We're going to fight everyday. We're not just fighting for pride, we are fighting for our whole school, fighting for our team, and it's not over for us. We're still in it."

Chad talks about whether or not he is finally catching on to the Broncos system.

"I felt real comfortable in the system. Coach gave me a lot of opportunities to throw the ball where I like to throw it. We talked about it at the beginning of the week what I wanted to do a little bit. So they did that with what they wanted to do and we just came together for a nice mixture."

Did you play an overtime game before, Chad?

"Yeah. When I played in junior college we went into triple overtime...I know what it's like, yeah."

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