"Bones" the Rest of the Story

Broncos Illustrated recently published an interview with Broncos defensive end Jason Babin. In the interview we talked to Jason about his nickname in grade school all the way through high school. We were contacted before the Broncos football game against Bowling Green and was given the rest of the story.

It was learned before the Buffalo game the Babin, a football and wrestling standout from Paw Paw, grew up with the nickname "Bones." So, in an effort to find out the story of how he would become know as Bones to his friends, family, and the Paw Paw community. "That was a little different. I didn't think anyone was ever going to find anything out about that. I was kind of a late bloomer. I didn't grow, get too tall, until my junior year in high school. I was always pretty light. I was always real skinny, skinny and wiry," Jason said. He went on to say, "So I would eat as much as I could, I would always be a joke because I would get an order like some chicken or something like that and I would eat it and I would want to eat more. I would start eating the bones. It was when you're younger, you know. I would eat some of the bones, chicken bones stuff like that. Kind of as a joke, but at the same time kind of being serious. So it kind of stuck with me."

Upon reading what his 1st cousin had said, former Paw Paw football and basketball standout Kevin Staniszewski got a hold of us to give us the whole story.

Kevin, who now lives in Aiken, South Carolina and drives up to catch 8 or 9 WMU football games a year, told us that he played the major role in Jason being given the nickname Bones. After all, the one who gave him the nickname should know the truth in the matter, shouldn't he? "I clearly remember how and why I gave him that nickname. He was not totally honest with you about it because he's a little embarrassed about it but here's the truth. "Bones" came about just like this."

Kevin went on to tell us, "Jason's great grandma, from his mom's side used to live next door to Jason's dad's parents (That's how his mom and dad met). Anyway, They (the Cook's) used to have this mean old dog that would bark and try to bite us all the time. We used to think the dog was mean as hell when we were kids.'

"The day before his first rocket football game (He was 8 years old). I was telling him he had to go out there and play mean like that old dog of Mr. & Mrs. Cooks (keep in mind I'm 11 years older than Jason) We were eating chicken that night and he asked me why I thought that old dog was so mean. I told him jokingly that the only thing I could figure out is the dog got mean and had to be mean to eat the chicken bones and steak bones all of us used to give it when we were done eating.'

"Well it wasn't 10 minutes later and Jason was chewing and eating his left over chicken bones. I didn't say anything to him and laughed like hell to myself. The next day in his first football game ever he had 4 touchdowns and made about 20 tackles. From that day on he was and will be forever known from the town of Paw Paw as "Bones". ‘

"Two years ago when WMU was playing for the MAC Championship he called me and said he got some KFC and ate his chicken, bones and all. You know how athletes get superstitious. From what I hear he still eats chicken bones before big games."

Kevin did want to pass on a message to Jason, "please make sure "Bones" knows that before the big games, he's got to eat his bones. The hell with, Wheaties."

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