Interview: Josh Behrens

With the injury to Jason Malloy, redshirt freshman Josh Behrens could see significant time this weekend against Northern Illinois. He talks about his preparation and updates us on how he has adapted to the Bronco defense.

With the injury to Jason, are you planning on a lot of reps this week even if he is ready to go?
It was very unfortunate thing that Jason Malloy went down with that injury last week but I've been repping a lot this week and coach Knowles has been coaching me up real good and we're coming with it and looking good.

Is this week different for you knowing you may get significant reps?
It's definitely in the back of my mind. I'm starting to not sleep here and there a little bit (laughing) but I think I'm ready.

Northern Illinois is a tough opponent to start against too?
They are undefeated in the MAC and they have one of the top running backs in the league but coach Knowles and the other defensive coaches have prepared us all season long so we're not backing down one step. We'll step up and make plays, there is no doubt.

What has it been like for you to learn from this defense this season?
Me being a red-shirt freshman, I look up to these older guys and now that I'm actually playing with them and repping with them it's a lot of fun. They're flying around making a lot of plays and I like to be out there and be a part of that. Our defense has always been the strength of our team. We're a good defense, we're second in the MAC, soon to be be first again so I have no doubts in us.

What brought you to Western?
I had three offers, Indiana, Western and Central. Me playing defense and looking at this defense especially, that was one of the good things. I'm from Grand Rapids but my family is in the stands every game. It's a great program and I love all the coaches and I've made great friends.

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