One-on-One With Justin Glanz

Broncos Illustrated sat down this week with walk on freshman kicker Justin Glanz. Justin walked on to the team last month and brings much needed consistency to the kicking game.

In practice Justin, a left footed kicker consistently places his kicks near the goal line give or take a couple yards. Justin gave us some short answers but talks about how he became a kicker, he talks a little bit about throwing the shot put, and he talks about what he does in his spare time. He looks to get some playing time this weekend against Northern Illinois.

Where do you hail from?

"I'm originally from New Jersey. Went to high school, all 4 years, at East Kentwood in Grand Rapids."

You also throw the shot put?

"I did, just my senior year I did track. It's just an experience."

How did you do?

"Pretty good for my first year. I placed in Regionals with a throw of about 45 feet. I wish I would have done it a little longer, maybe I would have got better."

It seems like you're built like a linebacker. What is your height and weight?

"I'm 6'1", 254 pounds right now."

How fast do you run a 40?

"I haven't been timed this year. Definitely about a 4.7"

You went to high school in East Kentwood, how did you do there as a place kicker?

"I really didn't get many opportunities. I quit soccer my junior year. I kind of new the football coach and he convinced me to come out for the team. So, my school wouldn't let me do both like most schools. I was perfect for PAT's my junior year. I was a perfect 3 for 3 in field goals. I didn't do kickoffs in my junior year. My senior year I had quite a few touchbacks and like 1 or 2 blocked field goals and extra points."

What's your longest field goal?

"In a game, the first opportunity I got it was about 33-yards. In practice I have hit way further than that."

Which do you prefer, place kicking or field goals?

"I like doing kickoffs. It's kind of my specialty. More power than finesse, but I enjoy both."

When did you start getting into kicking? Was it playing soccer as a kid?

"I've always had one of the hardest shots on a soccer field. The football coach actually lived behind my aunt, so I would be out kicking the ball against the fence and he saw me all the time. I kicked the soccer ball 74 miles-an-hour so he convinced me. Then I tried out for soccer my junior year and he convinced me, so now my junior year pretty much consisted of me on the field kicking on my own. I pretty much taught myself how to kick."

How long have you been with the team (WMU)?

"Oh the Broncos? About a month-and-a-half now, since the walk on try out.

What do you do in your spare time?

"Play video games, do some homework, and pretty much hang out at home."

Do you have a favorite video game?

"Probably NCAA 2003."

Are you playing the Broncos on that?

"Yeah, sometimes. You have to test the other teams though.

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