Babin, Munson, and Reed Quotes

Following the Broncos 20-24 loss to the Northern Illinois Huskies, Jason Babin, Chad Munson, and Phil Reed talked to the media. Babin talked about the defensive effort while Munson talked about the offensive effort and Reed talked about the career day he had rushing the ball for the Broncos.

Jason Babin talks about the defense on Northern Illinois' long time consuming drive in the 4th quarter.

"Yeah, you could say we were getting a little weary. They kept running the same flow play on us and we couldn't stop it so they kept running it."

Babin talks about the frustration of losing another close game.

"I think frustrating wouldn't really describe the feeling for our team and myself with those four games like that, so close. We're just having trouble finishing."

Chad Munson talks about the lack of offense for the Broncos in the 2nd half.

"They didn't really change very much at all. They pretty much stayed the same throughout the game. The thing they were worried about was us going deep on them and they took that away from us, running a coverage that would keep us from going deep. It caused us to throw a lot of underneath stuff and they were attacking it, making plays and we just weren't running the ball as effectively as we thought we would."

Munson talks about the last interception.

"I saw the guy. I came to my second read and it was Antonio Thomas, he fell down and I was looking at him and I came back for my third read. Then I was getting ready to scramble and I saw Antonio stand up and the corner was still playing way off. I just threw it to him and the corner made a play on the ball."

Munson talks about the blitzing the Huskies used.

"It's a zone blitz. They just stayed in a zone blitz and played cover three over the top and tried to make us take the underneath stuff and drive down the field instead of us going deep like we did at the start of the game."

Babin assesses the Broncos defense.

"I think we played good, but not well enough to win. Honestly their defense outplayed ours. Statistically, Coach Knowles broke it down for us that any MAC school that we've held under 18 points or less we've won the game, that's 100%. That was one of our goals and we weren't able to do that."

Babin talks about the special teams.

"A majority of the guys on special teams are defensive players. We kind of corporate the special teams into the defense when we talk about the special teams."

Babin talks about his play on defense during the game in which he took a hit on the rush of quarterback Josh Haldi and still made the tackle.

"It is kind of funny because we were in the locker room watching the NFL game after practice and my coach, Coach Tall, was standing there and there was a guy blitzing that did the same thing. I made a comment; "oh that guy really sold out." So my coach says, "yeah, why don't you do that?" I kind of made a point to try, if I had a chance to."

He explains what he means by selling out.

"Because I am coming on a blitz I was just trying to clear over the running back, dive and tackle the quarterback. It didn't work out, but it was a good effort."

Phil Reed talks about the career day he had rushing with 226 yards rushing.

"I wouldn't say easy. In our offensive running scheme, its cover plays are our zone plays, flow plays a lot of people like to call it. It's pretty much whichever way the defensive linemen go our guys up front, my offensive linemen, are going to push them that way. Actually, an NFL team, the (Denver) Broncos run it a lot. It's just my job to read where the hole is and they did a good job pushing guys across and I saw a lot of good cut back lanes."

Reed talks about the two long runs.

"Yes, they were the exact same play."

Reed talks about Coach Darnell taking responsibility for the loss.

"I'm not going to touch what Coach Darnell said. He's the head guy what he feels goes. But, obviously us players and I know Babin and Chad; we were recruited to come here. We received scholarships to come here and we have a certain amount of responsibility to play as hard as we can and execute. The coaches can only do so much. Obviously Coach Darnell feels he can do a lot more, but when it comes down to it, we're on the field. We have to make plays and we have to play as a team. That's the bottom line to me because we are all extremely talented football players and a lot of us have played the game for a long time. Nine times out of ten we know what to do in almost every situation and we just need to execute and do it."

Reed responds to a question about the holding call on the punt return.

"Were they talking about Jermaine Lewis holding on the punter?"

Babin talks about the holding call.

"We had a wall return set up and the first wall everything set up perfectly. He ran right down the line and we're all standing there watching it. I saw the flag come out of his pocket. It was pretty upsetting, he knew exactly what he was calling."

Babin talks about if that is how the season has gone.

"I think, since we are having trouble finishing these games, we're losing by so close we can look at a lot of things that didn't go our way and try to blame them. If we would've won these past 4 games that have been so close we wouldn't have probably looked at that."

Babin talks some more about the holding call.

"I think his hands were on the outside of the shoulder pads. The refs when they call holding on the offensive lineman, they won't call holding even if they are holding them on the sides. But once the offensive linemen get the hands on the outside that's when they will call it. His hands were on the outside. It's a borderline call."

Munson talks about what it's going to take for the players to turn things around and finish .500.

"I think it put enough on us now that if people on the team aren't frustrated enough right now and focusing on winning the rest of our games then…Right now I think this is our turning point because I can't even explain how our team feels right now. I don't see anybody's heads down in the locker room; I don't see anybody feeling sorry for themselves or anything like that. Its just I think guys are getting more and more upset about it and we're going to turn it around."

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