One-on-One with Gasaway and Ras

Last week Broncos Illustrated sat down with center Jake Gasaway, the leader of the offensive line, following the best performance this season by the offensive line. We also sat down with offensive tackle Kyle Ras, the teams pancake leader.

Against Bowling Green the offensive line didn't allow any quarterback sacks and only surrendered a minimal amount of quarterback hurries and knockdowns. Gasaway talks about the job the offensive line did against Bowling Green, about being the leader of the offensive line, and about how the games against Michigan, Virginia Tech, and Purdue helped the offensive line. Ras talked about the game against Bowling Green, about leading the team in pancakes and about how the games against Michigan, Virginia Tech, and Purdue helped prepare the offensive line for conference action.

You guys had the best game that you guys had all year on your offensive line. Can you talk about that?

"We had a great game within the, along the lines of no sacks and a lot of yards for Phil. But, even watching the film we've got a lot of things we can still improve on. That's what we've been working on this week. Hopefully we can keep going and we strive. Coach talks about striving for perfection that's what we're doing all the time. But as the game went it looked pretty good statistically but we still want to get better every week."

It seems like you're just a solid leader on the offensive line. You've been in the most plays and you haven't allowed many sacks. What do you contribute your play this season to being able to lead the line?

"Well, hopefully I just lead entirely by example. I'm not going to be the most dominant players, so I try to do everything right that I can do right off the field and make sure I know what I'm doing when I get out there. I think that's what helps me do things right is I know what I'm doing and I think that's half the battle. You can be the biggest, strongest guy, which I'm not, but you can be the biggest, strongest guy and not know what you're doing and give up a ton of sacks. My biggest thing is knowing what I'm doing and being able to get there before the other guy does."

With the success you guys (offensive line) are starting to have now, how do you attribute that? Do you attribute it to playing the Michigan's, Virginia Tech's, and the Purdue's or just other things?

"Well the main thing that's helping us out, those games are a huge help because you are playing against some of the best players in the country, playing against like a Michigan and Virginia Tech. Another thing is we've had a lot of snaps together now. We've been real low on the injuries; guys have been just a little nicked up, nothing serious. We've been able to play a lot together. We had a spring all together, except for Kramer, but Kramer had a lot of experience already and I was used to playing next to him. The more you play together as an offensive line the better you get because you know where the guys are going to be and if something happens you're not ready for you know what's going to happen. You know what the guy next to you is going to do, which makes it a lot easier on you."

The quarterback rotation that was used quite extensively did that throw you guys off any? I know you guys have been asked this question a lot but was there actually any difference between the two?

"Actually they both took snaps very similarly. I mean they took snaps a lot a like and I was used to both of them. But, I don't think there was a let down either way when each of them came in. The only good think about knowing who your quarterback is, is exactly that. You know who the guy is going to be. So, when you are taking reps all week you get used to how they play, when they are going to let go of the ball, and what they are looking at. So, you get kind of used to it when you're with the same person all of the time. I don't think it was a big problem with the two guys. Like I said, it's always nice to know when you got one guy in there."

Kyle Ras

Give me your thoughts on the game against Bowling Green and how you guys as an offensive line did.

"We had one of our better games. We didn't give up any sacks. We rushed for 130 odd some, passed for 326 or whatever. Some of those games where it takes a little time to get rolling and we finally all worked together and we came out with a pretty good game."

Pancake leader on the team, what can you attribute to be able to knock these guys down that are trying to get after the quarterback?

"I just come off the ball and hit them and sometimes I think they are off balance and we catch them that way. Sometimes it's just you and somebody else and it's just who is more aggressive, wins."

The bigger teams you guys have played early on; Michigan, Purdue and Virginia Tech you guys gave up quite a few sacks in those games. What do you attribute to being able to keep Bowling Green from getting after Chad (Munson)?

"I think it's just us all finally coming together. It's taken some time we've played some good teams with some good defenses and that was all good practice for us. Over time we finally developed, we're getting to know each other and what we are going to do on every play and just how we all work together."

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