Culhane's Post Game Quotes

Coach Jim Culhane addressed the media following the Broncos 8-2 victory over the University of Nebraska-Omaha Mavericks. He talked about the win, about the return of Jeff Campbell, and about the performance of Bronco goalie Mike Mantua.

Coach Culhane give's his thoughts on Friday's 8-2 Broncos win over Nebraska-Omaha.

"I think what it stems from is from last weekend. We played well at Maine both nights and I think the third period of hockey on Sunday was our best period of hockey and I think that transcended over into our work ethic this week. I thought we had a good night tonight. We executed on our special teams and we worked hard for sixty minutes and we also got a bounce. So, it was hitting on all cylinders here tonight."

He talks about the 8-2 score.

"It's not going to be like that every night. I think we played well the opening weekend with Bowling Green, we unfortunately didn't play well against Notre Dame and hopefully we've learned from that and time will tell, but I think we've learned from it. We played well at Maine and deservedly could have got the split there but then we played well here tonight. It's so early in the year, we're still learning about ourselves as a team and what it takes to be successful and I've just been driving down their throat here you have to work hard. So, I like our team, I have confidence in our team, we just need to work hard every time out."

He talks about Jeff Campbell's return to the lineup.

"Yeah, he had a good night. Jeff had a good night. I think his line played well with Lattery and Drake. We switched the lines up last Sunday at Maine and I think putting that line together they had a good tonight. It was nice to see him and Jeff didn't play last weekend because he was gone, his sister got married, so I know he was anxious to get out on the ice with two weeks off and play. He played very well."

Coach Culhane talks about the team depth.

"Every line contributed. We played all four lines, all six-D, guys got a lot of quality minutes, and it's good, you need that. Different guys on each line stepped up and were able to make some plays."

He talks about Pat Dwyer's penalty shot.

"It's not a lot. It's not prevalent but it happens a number of times throughout the course of the year. It's something we practice every Thursday. We practice every Thursday at the end of our Thursday routine and we practice breakaways. He went in and made a nice play on the goalie and froze him a little bit. Again, goal scorers you expect them to make that play for you. That was a big situation there, he gets the 5th goal on a nice play."

Coach Culhane's thought on how the last home game against Notre Dame played a role in Friday's 8-2 victory.

"I talked about it. I told them that the last time out we disappointed ourselves and the people that were in attendance and I wanted to make sure we put on a good showing here tonight in making sure that we came back and played real hard. I told the team before the game win or lose we need to play hard for 60 minutes."

His thoughts on the difference of playing a tough Maine team on the road and coming home to play a tough UNO team.

"There's no real strategy differences. You prepare each week regardless of who you are playing. You prepare your team to play, you look at tape, and you analyze what they are trying to do and you prepare your team to come out and work hard. Our preparation and our jobs are done come Thursday at five o'clock when were done and they need then to come out and play and they did. They played well here tonight and get regrouped and enjoy this one this evening. Get regrouped tomorrow morning for tomorrow night's game."

Coach Culhane talks about the performance of Mike Mantua.

"I was pleased. I was pleased with Mike last weekend; he was upset he let that first one in with 12 seconds into the game he just wasn't ready. I don't think anybody was ready for that. They scored first and after that he handled himself really well. The team calmed down, he calmed down and they didn't get their second goal in that first game until late in the last minute of the second period. He played well, he made a big save there in the third period, made some nice saves on the penalty kill. I just have to get him to make better decisions with the puck. He's very good, he's very athletic and he can play the puck but sometimes he can make a decision with the puck that can result in a scoring opportunity for the other team. That's a work in progress, just making better decisions and better reads that's all.

His thoughts on whether it was a solid effort or not?

"We'll talk about it. Got to watch some tapes. You got to watch the tapes. I got to watch the tapes and go from there."

Coach Culhane's thoughts on the defensive effort.

"Well, we only gave up four shots in that first period so I was pretty pleased with that. I think we played well defensively. I talked to the defense going to the goal tenders minimize the scoring opportunities. We did that for the most part in the first period, I think we gave up to many in the second and I thought we played better again in the third."

He gives his thought on whether or not this was the best performance for the season for the Broncos.

"I think right now our best game was Sunday's game at Maine in the 4-4 tie. I think, from start to finish in that environment in that situation and the way the team played. I think that was our best game of the year. I wasn't as pleased about tonight's but if you are going to try and rank these things I would vote the Sunday, Maine, 4-4 tie. There's so much adversity there it's insane. It's just like when we play Michigan and Michigan State here, that's what it's like there, and it's like that every night."

He talks about how important it is for the team to come out strong on Saturday night.

"Hey it's not going to sit well for them, no question. It's not going to sit well and Coach Kemp is an outstanding coach and they've been to the championships at Joe Louis Arena. It's not going to sit well and they are going to get regrouped and knowing that, it's our job to prepare the team well for tomorrow and come out again. I tell you right now, it's not going to be an 8-2 game tomorrow it's not going to happen.

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