Rumble Postgame Comments

Brent Rumble talked to the media following the Broncos 8-2 victory over the Mavericks of Nebraska-Omaha. Brent talks about the boarding penalty, playing 60 minutes of hockey, and gives his thoughts on the student section.

Rumble gives his take on his boarding penalty in the third period.

"Yeah and got that boarding penalty and I'm like "why'd you call that?" He was like, "you creamed the guy," I'm like "what we're not allowed to hit out here?" I think he just called that to even things up."

He talks about playing 60 minutes of hockey.

"We kind of went up a bit in the 2nd period. We got 8 goals but it was still, defense was killing us. We were running around and they just weren't putting them in but still our defense we got to work on that. We got to make a commitment. Teams are going to take advantage of that and we've got to get better."

His thoughts on how flatfooted UNO appeared to be.

"We knew we had to come at them hard and we studied tape and stuff and we knew down low they were suspect and we just dumped it in and worked our cycle we'd have them and just keep hitting them. They only play for defensemen at a time, they don't let the other guys play, so they're going to get tired when you keep hitting them you where them down."

His thoughts on the role the last Notre Dame game played.

"Well, we all have been pretty embarrassed here for the last couple of weeks, you know. Filled up the stands for Notre Dame and you saw tonight there wasn't full students, that hurts you play like that and you let the students down and then we had to come out and show them what we were."

He talks about how UNO will come back ready to play on Saturday.

"You know they're better and when you're playing at home, a two-game series on the weekend it can be one-way one night and one-way the other night. You know they are going to come out flying, we just got to come out the same speed of momentum and don't look back."

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