Mantua Postgame Comments

Mike Mantua talked to the media following the Broncos 8-2 victory over the Mavericks on Friday night. He talked about the game, about battling against Dan Ellis, and about playing 60 minutes of hockey.

Mike Mantua talks about the bounces going the Broncos way on Friday.

"Definitely. We've been working hard in practice the last two weeks. It's a big difference to go out in the games, everyone is way more confident. Coming out against a team like this, they're a young team we can dominate them easily if we just out work them and take the body to them and they just fold on us. So we did a great job on it."

He talks about having another great game against Dan Ellis.

"Me and Ellis have been battling for a couple of years now and I think I definitely have the saves on him. It was pretty funny when the penalty shot came because I went to like four shootouts with him in juniors and he's never won."

He talks about 60 minutes of hockey.

"Yes, we definitely put in 60 minutes of hard work. We got some areas we can work on, always, we're not where we want to be but made some huge stops. Last weekend, last Sunday, we stepped it up another notch. This weekend we stepped it up a notch…by Christmas time we are going to be unstoppable."

Mantua talks about how as the game went on he got better in net.

"Coach has been getting on me in practice to work harder in practice and it's paying off. I've always worked hard in practice but never concentrated as much as I've been in the last couple of weeks. So, it's definitely paying off and yes, I love the in tight stuff, I love the action. I get bored out there easily."

He talks about playing the puck as much as he does.

"That's my style. The pucks come to me and they look like meatballs. I know I just want to play them."

He comments about pucks he would clear that would bounce right back in front of him.

"I just try to keep the game interesting and slow it down a little bit got to keep it going."

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