Walker Postgame Quotes

Western Michigan University wide receiver Tyrone Walker talked to the media at the post game press conference after the Broncos 33-31 victory over the Eastern Michigan Eagles. He talked about his opening kickoff return for a touchdown, his 56-yard gain on a pass from Chad Munson late in the game, and about getting caught from behind instead of scoring a touchdown.

Talk about your opening kickoff return.

"When I first got it, I was thinking about kneeling it. Then I just seen how the wedge just blew everything up. I just seen one hole and I just hit it. I tried to get in the endzone."

Did you actually catch that a yard or two deep in the endzone?

"Yeah. Actually it was like one yard into the endzone."

Because they gave you an official a 100-yard return to tie the school record.

"For Real?"

You said you saw an opening?

"I saw an opening and that's the thing when the wedge blocking that first hole you see that what you got to hit at full speed."

Talk about the pass play that set up Robert's field goal.

"It was a Seattle. I got an automatic outside release no matter what. So I just outside release and I saw the ball in the air and I caught it. I was trying to get into the endzone. I was trying to set the team up to win the game. I know it was the fourth quarter so I know I had to at least get it to the twenty five yard line."

How does this victory, last 20 second victory, how does that help the team going into Toledo next week?

"I think it gave us a big momentum boost because six losses in a row we finally come out and win one at home for the fans. I think we're headed in the right direction to beat Toledo next week."

What does it feel like to win a close game after you lost so many close games?

"It just feels good to win regardless because believe it or not, I'm just happy for the win. It's just the team, it makes our team look better for the MAC."

Tyrone, what did the coach say in the locker room after the game? What were his comments?

"They were proud of me. It's like basically we do the two-minute drill every Thursday. It feels like we're prepared every time it comes to a close situation. So, you can practice this side we're down for we got to get it down to such and such yard line. So we really prepare for that situation. But they're just like saying, "good job." When you play out there you've got to rise to the occasion when it's time to make a play."

Tyrone, you're supposed to be fast. They're going to tease you for getting caught from behind.

"Actually, I think when I caught it, I got tense. Seems like I was in my running form on this thing. So that's what I think slowed me down a little bit. But, if I would have relaxed, I probably would have ran by everyone."

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