Menchinger Postgame Quotes

For the second time in his young career Robert Menchinger won a game on a last minute field goal, on Saturday, Eastern Michigan was his last victim. Menchinger talked to the media in the post game press conference and he talked about his field goal, about losing the starting job to Anthony Apa, and about what he felt like when he was told he was going to be kicking again.

Robert, when was the last time you were kicking? Was it the Michigan game before today?

"Yeah, the Michigan game was the last kick. I missed a 36-yarder in the Michigan game and ever since then, Apa's been kicking the field goals."

So what happened today? Why were you reinserted?

"Apa missed from 42 or 44. He missed that one so it gave me a chance again. So, it's kind of a kick until you miss thing."

So did he hit the crossbar on that one?


Isn't that kind of brutal, basically that's the way it's set up?

"Not necessarily but that's kind of how it turned out."

So what was going through your head on that last one, if you missed that one?

"Well, Ty just gave me the chance to kick it. I didn't know if I was going to get a chance to kick it and I knew I could make it from that distance and just do my job."

How close was it? Was it right down the middle?

"It was a little left but it was a good couple yards inside."

It looked like you had enough distance to make it further.

"Exactly. Yeah, I didn't really watch it land but that's what they told me."

Was there a little discussion the sideline before you went in to kick, that caused the delay?

"They didn't know whether they wanted to kick it yet or they wanted to run some more time off the clock. But, better to be safe than don't want to take a sack or something and don't have any time-outs left, so let's kick it now."

Psychologically, I think the fans were going "oh my God, here we go losing another close game." Does that cross your mind late in the game or when you're going out to kick the ball and they moved it five yards back. What's the mindset, setting up for that kick?

"I just knew if I hit it we win, because we have like 10 seconds left on the clock. So basically that was the game. They gave me the chance and we took advantage of it."

How do you keep from getting nervous in that type of situation? Where the outcome of the game rests on your shoulders, or your foot.

"You can't worry about it. You can't think too much about it. You just got to go out there and look at it as just another kick. You can't say this is a game winning kick, you just got to go out there and play like it's just a regular kick."

What was going through your mind when you were told to go in and kick the first time?

"I was waiting for that. I was excited."

Did you think after Apa missed that one that you were going to get a chance after that?

"They didn't ‘til right there at the end of the first half that I was going to start kicking. So after Apa missed that one, I didn't know anything. I just assumed he'd still be kicking."

When they told you, you said you were excited and what else?

"I've just been waiting for that chance. I was ready to get it back."

How did Apa…how's he holding up on this whole thing?

"I haven't talked to Apa yet about it actually."

Robert, after you missed that field goal against Michigan, did you hear anything from the coaches that why you weren't playing or weren't kicking or anything?

"No, they just told Apa that he was going in after that. I didn't know if it was for that game or how long. But it just ended up Apa did his job well enough so he just kept kicking. That's why I said the kind of kick ‘til you miss thing. Apa's doing well too."

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