FSU/WMU Hockey Quotes

Here is a variety of quotes following the Bulldogs 6-3 win Friday night. We have quotes from both coach Culhane as well as players.

Head Coach Jim Culhane

Q: Do you think FSU is as good as everyone has said they are so far?

CULHANE: "I think so, no question. You look at the play of (Mike) Brown in net for them and their ability to score goals. Any time you put six goals on the board, you're doing something right, offensively," Culhane said.

Q: What do you think of the team's (WMU) performance?

CULHANE: "Well, I think we started well. We played with a lot of energy and enthusiasm and we were able to get that first goal," Culhane said.

"Give them credit. They were the better team for 60 minute where they outhustled us, they outworked us," Culhane said.

Q: Does the skirmish at the end of the game represent a breaking point the team might have hit?

CULHANE: "I think that just shows the frustration the guys have, they know the can play better and they want to play better," Culhane said.

Q: Why did you end up pulling Foster?

CULHANE: "It's not so much Scotty (Foster). We needed to get a momentum change," Culhane said.

Q: FSU struggles at Lawson, is that something you guys will build off of?

CULHANE: "We've got to find something to build on and obviously going home will be a positive for us," Culhane.

"We are going to need the friendly confines of Lawson. But we have to take responsibility for our play and we have to play better defensively, especially against an offensive team like this," Culhane said.

Assistant captain Paul Davies

Q: What is the biggest difference in this FSU team that WMU beat three times last year?

DAVIES: "We outworked them last year. We are struggling to get the effort from the entire team for a full 60 minutes," Davies said.

Q: What was the end of the game about?

DAVIES: "It's actually nice to see guys get a little frustrated for once instead of just accepting losing. At that point, it's too little too late," Davies said.

Q: Is there anything you can say to the guys to get them ready for tomorrow?

DAVIES: "They've got to look at themselves. They have to look at why they are here and what got them here and what it's going to take to win," Davies said.

"It's not there right now. It's individuals. Guys have to start taking a deep, hard look in the mirror and start showing up for the rest of the guys," Davies said.

Q: "What is going on defensively (16 goals in 3 games)?

DAVIES: "It's the same mistakes over and over again. We talk about it all the time but it doesn't get done. It's frustrating," Davies said.

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