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Here are some quotes from coach Culhane as well as Mike Mantua and Lucas Drake following the Broncos' 4-1 win last night. Mantua had a very memorable night becoming the first Bronco goalie to ever score a goal. He talks about it with us.

Head Coach Jim Culhane

"I think the real big turning point was on the penalty shot. Mike makes a huge save for the team and in the last five minutes we were able to get some scoring chances," Culhane said.

"We killed more penalties than I would like to but we can't make those mental errors," Culhane said.

"We are really banged up. Treatment is tomorrow and we'll probably have eight to 10 kids down there and we haven't even played a third of our schedule," Culhane said.

"This mornings meeting were pretty heated on my part and I think I got my point across," Culhane said.

"Well, I would have to say that's the best Mike's played in a Bronco jersey," Culhane said.

"I think it was Bellissimo who came in after the second period and said ‘it's a jungle out there' and that's something we can't put a dollar value on," Culhane said.

"If you're going to win a championship, if your going to compete in this league we have to play better defensively," Culhane said.

Mike Mantua-28 saves, 1 goal (WMU's first goalie score ever)

"The team defense was unbelievable today," Mantua said.

"There was no hesitation. I couldn't get the puck out of my glove fast enough to shoot it," Mantua said.

"I promised everyone that I would score this year," Mantua said.

"I love penalty shots. In juniors I only lost one shootout. It's my favorite thing to do, I was really pumped," Mantua said.

"We got challenged by Coach Culhane today. We came together and worked really hard," Mantua said.

Lucas Drake, 2 assists

"I just go out there and try to work hard every game. It's those hustle plays that we are looking for from everybody," Drake said.

"It's only one game and look at us we are 4-7-1 and we are the most excited team in the CCHA," Drake said.

"That was a fun game to play right there, it was intense, it was great. A great win," Drake said.

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