Davies Stepping Up

When junior captain Dana Lattery, the team's leading scorer and biggest physical presence, went down with a broken hand few teammates felt the loss more than fellow classmate and roommate, Paul Davies.

"It's a big loss for us. We're going to have to adjust," Davies said.

With the team's leader out it is up to the rest of the team to step up and do more of the little things that win games, and it's those little battles that the 5-10 Davies takes great pride in winning.

"I emphasize the smaller points of the game," Davies said. "Things like winning face-offs, blocking shots, and back-checking."

His workman like ideals earned the 21-year-old the assistant captain roll and the respect of his peers. In the team's media guide, Lattery picked Davies as the best roll model on the team based on his work ethic, not the number of goals he tallies. Davies attributes his drive to what his folks taught him.

"Growing up, if you wanted to play hockey you had to do good in school," Davies said.

As the only two science majors on the roster Davies and Lattery push each other on the ice, in the weight room and most importantly in the classroom. Davies, a pre-med major, owns the team's highest GPA (3.76).

"He one of the most dedicated guys I've ever played with," Lattery said. "He really sets his standards high and I definitely try to follow his work ethic."

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