The Cousineau Diaries

Broncos Illustrated sat down with Dave Cousineau prior to the Broncos home and home series against the Ferris State Bulldogs to get his third installment of the. Obviously frustrated by the start to the 2002-2003 hockey season Cousineau talks about the series against Nebraska-Omaha, the series against Northern Michigan, and the preparation leading up to the series against Ferris State. He also answers some of the fan's questions and comments.

I guess going into Nebraska we had been struggling a bit. Basically we came out flying and it seemed like everything we shot that night towards the net or everything we did seem to work in our favor. What was the score, 8-2 that game? We were generating chances, we were getting breakaways, we were keeping the puck out of our end, we did everything correctly that game and I think, obviously it's evident of the 8-2 score.

I think a lot of us were embarrassed at home over the past few weeks, with just the way we were playing. We didn't think that we had put together three good periods yet and I think coming out and getting that big win against Nebraska was a real step for us. Unfortunately the next night, basically we came out against Ellis and some of the weaker goals he was letting in the night before he just wasn't letting in that night. We played pretty well defensively. We held them to two goals, which is really what we want to do. But, we had tons of scoring chances and just couldn't put one behind him. It was one of the best goaltending performances we've had played against us. In a lot of years I have played here, I think a lot of credit can be given to Danny Ellis on that night with just how well he played.

We went up to Northern. We knew they were a good team. They beat Michigan State and unfortunately we just couldn't generate one thing offensively once again for the second game in a row. We were taking pucks to the net; we were really working hard in going to the net, but unfortunately, we came up on another hot goalie. We made some mistakes that they happened to capitalize on. They ended up beating us 5-0; I thin on the first night. Second night again we hadn't scored in two games, power play was obviously hadn't scored in two games and we've really been struggling on the power play. We came out Saturday night got a power play right away, it kind of boosted our confidence and then they come right back and answer with a goal. It kind of takes the wind out of our sails.

We are pretty emotional right now. It's kind of a tough time for the team. We are going through a lot of tough times, a lot of adversity obviously with the injury to our captain. A lot of guys got to step up with leadership. A lot of guys got to step up to fill in where he was scoring goals, they got to step up where he was winning all our big faceoffs. It's a huge loss for us but obviously it's adversity that our team has to face and we have to overcome if we want to be successful.

That night we were generating a lot of scoring chances again, we just, every time we seem to score or have the puck around their net they would come right out and manage to score on us and take the wind out of ourselves. Unfortunately that kept happening and then eventually when they scored that fourth goal to make it 4-2 we were pretty much dead.

This week we're going into Ferris State and as focused as ever as a team. Nobody likes what's going on right now on the team. We're kind of struggling to figure out what it is that's going wrong and a lot of us have been talking about it. As a senior it's my job to pull the team together and show us some leadership and try to get some wins on the ice, whether it's working hard in practice or just getting guys working hard at weights. We got to find a way to fight through it. I think going into Ferris this weekend they're the top of the standings in the CCHA. They're ranked nationally; it can be a pretty good lift for us. A pretty good way to get some momentum going into Christmas here with play a top ranked team like them.

School's going well, it was kind of tough before we played Nebraska and Northern. It was kind of midterms time when it's a pretty heavy workload. That trip, you go up to Northern, you leave on a Thursday and miss two days of school. We go back from Maine the week before and missed another two days of school. So you're kind of playing catch-up the whole time. It's nice to be able to go to Ferris and play a game at home where you don't really have to miss so much school. It makes it a little easier on your self as to be up so late at night trying to get assignments done and be worrying about tests and that. You can kind of think about the game, a little more, which is what we like to do best.

Dave answers the students and fans questions and comments.

It's great to see the fans that do stick around for us, whether we're winning or losing. Myself, maybe I would have been with some of those fans the day they were leaving the way we were playing. But, it's our jobs as players to put a good performance on the ice and make the people in the stands happy. They are what we are playing for here. We are representing the school, we are representing all those fans up there so we got to put wins together to make them happy. I think it will be evident for us to start winning. We will see them sticking around, we'll see them cheering up on and as a fan that's their right to be disappointed in the team when we are not doing to well and hopefully we can please them a little better.

You can't really tell what's going on over there (with the staring guy) when they get a penalty but we love it. It's great about college hockey; you get the fans that are all over the other team and as a player I love hearing it. I like, kind of, I will take glances over there every once in a while to see what's going on because it's pretty amusing. It kind of lets you get a little bit more laid back before you do go out there and have to try to score a goal on the power play. Yeah, it's real interesting to see.

I've seen him (the individual who introduces the fans to the player in the penalty box, Broncos Illustrated member moe24). He's got a pretty good voice actually; you can hear him all the way over to our bench.

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