Dana Lattery Q&A

Broncos Illustrated caught up with Dana Lattery during practice Tuesday to talk about his injury and about the Bronco Hockey team. Dana is able to skate with the team, but stick handling is to a minimum and left the ice after the team stretched.

Q. First things first, how's the hand feeling?

A. It feels pretty good. I did some exercises yesterday, it's getting better. It'll be a few more weeks though.

Q. Do you have an estimated recovery time?

A. I'm kind of going for the Colorado College series but maybe sooner, maybe later, it's a hard thing for me right now.

Q. Was it hard for you not to be able to play this past weekend?

A. It's hard you know. Even when we were at Northern and you sit out and watch and you lose you just want to be in there and you know there is nothing you can do to get in there, it's just going to take time. This weekend we lost Friday night it made it tough watching the game and not being able to do anything again. Saturday the guys played well and we won, you just want to be out there you don't want to be sitting in the stands.

Q. What do you see as the team's strengths so far this season?

A. It think in a weird way we have a strength in that we have the ability to be the best team in the league, but that's also our weakness too, because we also have the ability to be the worst team in the league if we don't show up. If we do show up and if we continue to play how we have when we do show up it will take us a long way. As far as a real strength goes I think we got Mantua if he can play as well as he can we have a real solid goaltender. We got a lot of offense too; we got a lot of firepower out front.

Q. Are there any specific weaknesses you see the team having?

A. Other then the fact that we don't show up every night, I think our defense as a whole, everybody playing defensive hockey is probably our weakness right now. Everyday in practice we go out and work on it a little bit, it's something we are trying to get better.

Q. Are there any leaders on this team the fans may not know about, future captains?

A. Right now pretty much the junior and senior classes are leading really, but we've got some guys there that haven't come out of their shell yet. I don't know if I could pick out anybody in particular yet, but you see guys that have potential that if they come out of their shell a bit they'll definitely start to lead and definitely be there in the future.

Q. Anything you want to say to the fans?

A. I just wish I was back in there playing and it's tough watching. Saturday night you come out and it's pretty much a packed crowd like that it even gives me goose bumps and I'm just sitting in the stands watching. If they keep coming and making us feel that way, we'll keep winning at ho

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