The Browning Diaries

Chris Browning played his final home game as a Bronco last week and this week travels to Central Michigan for his final game in a Bronco uniform. It is an emotional time for a team leader that has endured a tremendously disappointing season. He talks about it in his next to last diary.

Timeline: Wednesday, November 20th

Toledo was another rivalry game for me and a lot of guys played real well. You try to play real hard and it hurts to lose like we have. We shot ourselves in the foot yet again, especially on the defensive side. Toledo is almost as big of a game to us as the Central Michigan rivalry. I went until I couldn't go any more. All the seniors were pumped up. I also appreciate all the young guys and the things they did for the seniors in our last game at Waldo.

I think the missed tackles and mistakes like that cost us again. This is the best defense I've played with in my career here but we continue to hurt ourselves. There are lots of emotions right now as last week was a big game and of course Central Michigan is this week.

We'll be OK this weekend. If you're not hyped up for this one then there is something wrong. It is going to be a fight up there. I think our defense is going to play 60 minutes this week. I'd give anything to go out my senior year with a win up there.

It is my last college game ever and it will be very emotional. We need to finish and go out as winners. I just hope everything works out so we can put the rest of this season in the past.

Everyone on campus is into the game and everyone wants us to go up there and end the streak. This game means a lot to everyone around here. They'll consider us a successful team if we beat them. People will remember us as the team that beat CMU. I'd love to be part of that!

I'd like to say I love all the seniors I've had the pleasure of playing with these five years. We've gone through a lot together and for their sake I want to win more than anything this weekend.

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