Lewis and Afariogun Quotes

Following their selection to the Paradise Bowl, Broncos Illustrated sat down with Jermaine Lewis and Mobolaji Afariogun. They talked about what it meant to be selected to play in the Paradise Bowl, about playing alongside the guys whom they played against this season, and what it means for the WMU program to have them representing them in the All-Star game.

Lewis Paradise Bowl Comments

Talk to me about the selection to the Paradise Bowl.

"It's a great honor for me and Mo to get invited to it. We had to work hard all season long to try to get into a post season game. We couldn't get to a bowl game or anything, but that's a great opportunity for us to showcase our talents to the rest of the conferences across the nation."

Talk about playing along side some of the guys you guys played against this season in the Big Ten and the MAC, plus playing with some of the guys from the Big 12.

"It's a great honor, a great challenge for us to show how we measure up. The MAC really doesn't get any respect, so it's going to be a great honor to show the bigger conferences what we have."

Three years on defense, one year on offense are you going as a wide receiver or are you going to try to go both ways?

"I'm going for wide receiver. That's what I am focusing on right now so that's what I'm going to the Paradise Bowl to play, receiver."

How do you think this reflects on playing here at Western or on the program as a whole?

"Western has a great program, we just had a down year the past few years but it's looking up. We just have to work harder, get back to the fundamentals, the basics and work harder. That's all."

Afariogun Paradise Bowl Comments

Talk about your selection to the Paradise Bowl.

"I don't know how they selected for that but I got a fax one-day that said I had to send back some information for it. I guess me and J. Lewis is just one of the best from this team that they picked from the MAC just to go represent Western Michigan."

So what's it going to feel like playing on the same team with the guys you actually played against this season?

"I've never done anything like this, like never played in an All-Star game for football before. This is my first. It's going to be pretty exciting. Some of the guys I was talking trash competing against and are all going to be on the same team and it's going to be an all new experience for me really."

Last season you suffered and injury early on. It seemed like you had a little trouble getting your timing back. Did you feel that you had a problem with that this season?

"No, I felt pretty good this season. All season long I've been feeling pretty good about my timing and everything. I'm just feeling pretty healthy and everything's going pretty good so far for me personally."

In high school basketball was your main sport. How did football become your main sport since high school leading up to now or up to the Paradise Bowl?

"Actually, Coach Darnell actually recruited me. He was coming to see a guy that he seen that actually goes to Central now and plays for Central. He came and saw me at a basketball game and he told me that I could have a long career playing football and by just trying to focus on football. I sort of did at basketball, it kind of made me good at football because of the footwork it takes to play basketball and I kind of use those skills in football and been pretty good at it. So I guess I kind of want to go with it."

Being one of two All Stars at the Paradise Bowl, do you think that helps Western Michigan at all or does that help you and Jermaine in being recruited by the NFL?

"It helps both. For the program I guess other people can look at this and they can say okay, well they have guys that are actually doing stuff or capable of doing things to actually goal to a bowl game or to an All Star game. I think people will look at that and kind of want to be in the same position that we're in so I'm pretty sure they could probably come to this school and maybe get some better recruits or something like that. Since personally there's going to be a lot of scouts at that game you can look at it as both for the recruiting process getting us ready to try to make that transition to the NFL."

Any teams that you know of that are looking at you personally?

"I might say maybe the Lions are looking at me since I'm from Detroit. That's, like I said, the only team that really is. I don't really know anything like that."

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