Hockey Quotes - Niagra

Following the Broncos' 7-3 win Saturday night over Niagra, we caught up with coach Culhane as well as a variety of players. Here are their thoughts on the win.

Head Coach Jim Culhane

"I was cleaning my gutters listening to the game (WMU v. CMU). Congratulations to a group of guys that really rallied and got it done today," Culhane said. "It was good to see."

Q: Was the game closer than the score indicated?

CULHANE: "No question. If it wasn't for the play of Mike Mantua the game would have been 7-5 or 7-6," Culhane said.

Q: What did you think of Niagara?

CULHANE: "I really think this Niagara team is going to make some noise in the CHA. I think they'll challenge Wayne State for the championship," Culhane said.

Q: Talk about the shots on goal (over 60 in two games)?

CULHANE: "That's too many. We have to play better defensively." Culhane said. "We are going to work on that all next week."

Q: What did you think of the team's five-on-five play?

CULHANE: "We took too many penalties. Their power play is so good they are going to get 12 to 15 shots right there. We have to eliminate that and play more disciplined," Culhane said.

Q: Has Mike Mantua taken over the starting job?

CULHANE: "I have been very impressed with his preparation during the week of practice." Culhane said. "His confidence level grows with every save he makes."

Q: Talk about the play of Brent Walton?

CULHANE: "I really liked our seventh goal that he scored," Culhane said.

Q: What do these wins say about the team whose without its' captain?

CULHANE: "I don't think anyone that can replace Dana," Culhane said. "But our work ethic is there."

Freshmen Brent Walton (2 goals vs. Niagara)

Q: Talk about playing against former teammates (Elmira Sugar Kings)?

WALTON: "It's a little different wanting to hit them instead of make a play to them," Walton said. "But it was nice to beat them."

Q: You've been playing real strong in the last couple weeks, what's going on?

WALTON: "I'm just getting more comfortable in the league," Walton said. "My linemates (Bellissimo, Drake earlier, and Cheyne) are playing real well."

Q: What's with the month of November (five goals in four games and a birthday Nov. 9)?

WALTON: "I'm getting good passes and good looks at the net and the shots are going in the net," Walton said.

Sophomore Mike Mantua (assisted on Davies' game-winner)

Q: You've got a point streak going now?

MANTUA: "That comes from the team playing real well," Mantua said.

Q: How high is your confidence?

MANTUA: "I think the team's confidence level is going up," Mantua said. "Everyone is picking up for each other."

Q: You faced a lot of shots tonight.

MANTUA: "They're getting a lot of shots but we're scoring a lot," Mantua said. "We are going to work on giving up less shots."

Assistant captain junior Paul Davies (two goals)

Q: What is the team doing to pick up the slack for Dana?

DAVIES: "We can't wait to get him back but there are a lot of guys picking up the slack," Davies said. "Even Mike (Mantua) is contributing."

Q: Talk about Mike's play?

DAVIES: "He came up big for us tonight. We struggled a little defensively and knowing that your goaltender is going to make big saves you're not afraid to make mistakes," Davies said.

Q: What is the biggest factor in the two game win streak?

DAVIES: "We're trying to have fun out there," Davies said. "As long as we're having fun and playing hard for 60 minutes it should continue."

Q: Talk about your game winner?

DAVIES: "I just turned up ice and he (Mike) spotted me," Davies said. "From there it was easy."

Q: What about all the penalties tonight?

DAVIES: "There are good penalties and bad penalties," Davies said. "If you're playing aggressive and you get a penalty it's different from not moving your feet a you hook a guy."

Goaltending coach Allan Avery

Q: What have you guys done in practice that has helped the goaltending?

AVERY: "We've gotten back to the basics," Avery said. "We decided that focus has been our problem."

Q: Do you sense Mike's confidence growing?

AVERY: "His confidence is head and shoulders above where it was a month and a half ago but more importantly the team's confidence is up. They know Mike is there to pick them up," Avery said.

Q: Mike loves to handle the puck, what are your thoughts on that aspect of his game?

AVERY: "I don't want to stifle him creatively," Avery said. "I'm looking to catch a team on a line change or with four down deep to create an odd man rush," Avery said. "But I'm not looking to throw the puck around just for the sake of throwing the puck around. I think that's foolish."

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