Culhane LSSU Game 1 Quotes

Following the Western Michigan University Broncos 4-2 victory over the Lake Superior State University, Coach Culhane talked about the hockey game. He talked about the one-game suspension to five of the players, about how the team got better as the game went on, and on the attendance.

Coach Culhane talks about why five of the players on the team did not dress for the game.

"We had four guys, we had Jeremy Cheyne, Patrick Dwyer, Vince Bellissimo and then Brian Pasko. By our team rules, one of our core values is we go to school. If you don't go to school you don't play and I tell them that when I recruit them and I tell them that in our fall meeting. They didn't go to class they don't play. It's as simple as that. With Mike, Mike missed a team lift on Wednesday morning. So, you miss a team practice, a lift you don't play either. That's why he was in his street clothes. With that adversity going in I thought the team handled it really well and I'm really proud of the fact that we didn't let it become a distraction for what we needed to do in a big game tonight. Our lineup obviously was shuffled around and for Robbie Yamashita and Reid Yantzi to go between playing forward and defense it talks a lot about their character and about the teams character that we didn't let it effect our preparation or how we needed to play here tonight."

Coach Culhane talks about how the team got better as the game went on.

"I think what your point is that I agree with you that the fact that we got better as the game went along. I think we came out not sure what to expect, haven't seen this Laker hockey team in over a year not knowing what to expect. Then in the second period we got ourselves into trouble like you said with the penalties. Again we're fortunate tonight that we didn't give anything up there. But again, it's too many penalties and something we will talk about again tomorrow. Pretty redundant here with the number of penalties that we're taking. In the third period I thought we played really well, I thought that was our best period of hockey."

No penalties in the third period.

"Yeah, and we kept our game real simple too. Scott just chipped the puck along the boards and cycled them. I thought that was a real solid shift with the Trevor Cook goal with Brent Rumble and Shaun Rose. I thought that line played a lot of minutes tonight and played real well."

Coach Culhane gives his thoughts on a worn out Lakers team in the third period.

"That shift, we felt coming in that such a big lineup. We didn't think that we were going to be able to battle with them along the boards because of their size and their strength so we had to try and use our best asset and that's our skating skills and we tried to use that. Try to counteract their size and their strength."

Are these suspensions just for one game?


Coach talks about the uplift the team got from the first goal in the third period.

"Yeah, it gave us a lift. That's a big goal. It's a 2-2 hockey game with 20 minutes to go there in that third and to get that goal to go up by one it gives you a shot of adrenaline and a boost and a shot of confidence. It was a nice play by Jarmuth and just wristing it down to the net."

Coach gives his thoughts on the attendance.

"Well I knew that with our students being gone that I wasn't really sure of what to expect. But, I thought that the size of the crowd, I was pretty pleased. With again being on break, I think the K-Wings are at home tonight too so it gives us a lot going on, a lot of people on holidays and I think the people that came to the game saw a real entertaining hockey game. We really thank them for their support."

You can get back to that magic .500 mark tomorrow.

"We talked about that going into the weekend. This is our last weekend series in conference until the second week of January. Our next five games after tomorrow night's hockey game is all non-conference. Two against Cornell here, two against Colorado College on the road and one against Findlay so we wanted to talk about all week about being .500. Our goal is to be .500 after the weekend and we took a step toward that tonight and hopefully we can continue and finish it off tomorrow."

Coach Culhane's thoughts on goaltender Scott Foster.

"He played solid. At times I thought he fought it a little bit and I think that's just not playing a lot in the last two or three weeks with Mike doing a great job for us. But I felt as the game went along he got more and more comfortable in the net and was controlling his rebounds better. I think he was maybe a little jittery in there initially with not being in net for awhile but I thought he handled himself really well."

Coach talks about whether or not Mike Mantua will get the start in goal on Saturday.

"We'll talk about it. Mike's played so well, unfortunately he made a mistake and now we have to move on. So, we'll look at it. I mean he's played really well in the last two games. His play against Ferris State and his play against Niagara was exceptional. We'll look at the tape and go from there."

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