Culhane's Cornell Quotes

On Friday and Saturday the Broncos hockey team played a tough opponent in Cornell. Cornell won the first game 6-1. Coach Culhane talked to the media following the loss. He talked about the first period effort, how big the fourth Cornell was for the Big Red, and the adjustments his teams needed to make.

On Saturday the Broncos put together a team effort, but came up short losing to the Big Red 3-2 in overtime. Coach Culhane talks about the teams effort, on Dana Lattery's multiple penalties and on capitalizing on Cornell's turnovers.

Friday's Quotes

Coach Culhane gives his thoughts on the first period of Friday's game.

"Well the first seven minutes. We spotted them three goals in the first seven minutes and with the way they played and the goaltending they have it's tough for us to bounce back after that. We battled hard, much harder in the second period and made it 3-1 and had some chances. Then the one that really takes the wind out of your sails is the fourth goal they make it 4-1. We could have made it 3-1 coming into here (the locker room), we had some momentum and only gave up two shots in that second period and they were able to score one goal. What I see is tonight they were much more physically stronger than we were on the cycle. They were able to beat us down low and make some plays and that was our concern coming in. With their big strong players that's how a lot of the goals were scored and generated tonight. Got to make some adjustments on that tomorrow and the big thing is to be able to move our feet and get to those loose pucks first."

His thoughts on trying to put the body on Cornell early on.

"We want to play that way. We want to play physical. Both teams are going to play physical. With that said, I think there are some loose pucks that we can get to that we didn't get to. We were late getting there and they were getting there first. With them getting there first they are going to start on the cycle. You got to eliminate it either by physical contact or getting to the loose puck first."

His thoughts on the similarities of this game to the 8-2 win over Nebraska-Omaha and the adjustments they made to come back and win the second game.

"We could play better, there's no question about that. That wasn't one of our better efforts here and like I said to the team afterwards I think the things that we did well in the four game stretch to make ourselves successful are the things we didn't do tonight. We need to get regrouped, look at some tape and get ready to go for tomorrow."

His comments on the things they were doing over the four-game stretch that they did not do on Friday.

"We didn't win a lot of the individual battles. They won more battles than we did. They got to more loose pucks than we did. They were able to generate things more because they had puck possession. We need to get puck possession. I don't think we did a very good job at getting the puck to the net. LeNeveu is really good; we didn't do a very good job of getting the puck through it. We only generated twenty some shots on net. We only gave up twenty two but still we didn't generate much to try and get some quality chances on the board."

Coach Culhane gives his thoughts on the play of Mike Mantua.

"He played okay. Still I think he and everybody can play better and we need to play better against a team like Cornell. It wasn't one of, that I'm sitting here saying things we didn't that was our best effort and we got beat 6-1. We could play better."

He gives his thoughts on some of the adjustments the Broncos needed to make heading into Saturday's game.

"I think we need to play better defensively. Our down low D-Zone coverage wasn't very good. We gave up the front of the net on a number of chances where there was no one in the slot and gave them on opportunity to get a clear shot on the net. We need to improve in that area and we need to improve in getting more pucks through to the net. Two things come to mind right now that, standing there watching it in the heat of battle and we will sit and watch tape in the morning and make the adjustments and lineup adjustments that we need to try and have a better effort against a great opponent."

Saturday's Quotes

Coach Culhane talks about Saturday's game.

"…I think the team deserved better than a loss. I think our work ethic was there and our willingness to compete was very solid. Similar to how we played last night in the second period, we were able to do that for the whole entire game here tonight and give a heck of a hockey team, I think in my opinion, the best team we've played this year a good run for their money. I think the team deserved better than a loss."

He talks about the defensive effort in the first period.

"We played well. I think we played well throughout the whole entire hockey game. It's an NCAA tournament team from last year that won an NCAA tournament game. A team that I think is going to go on and win the ECAC and probably do some damage in the NCAA's. They have a heck of a team and unfortunately tonight it hurts."

Coach Culhane comments on the effort that the team gave in doing the things they didn't do in Friday's game.

"I told the team after, I said "nothing that I can say right now can help with how you feel in your gut. With that said I want you to think about something here this week during exams, where was that last night?" It took us twenty minutes in the first period of standing around and watching this Cornell team compete and we bury ourselves 3-0. Then we come back after the timeout and through the second period and play better. That's the one thing, not just the loss here tonight and how much that hurts, but that execution last night I felt walked away from it too. We know and we feel we can play with anybody. I think we proved that again tonight but we have to do it on a consistent basis not just one night a weekend like we did tonight."

He gives his thoughts on the decreasing amount of shots as the game went on.

"There wasn't much. It was just both teams just really battled, really hard and that was an NCAA playoff game atmosphere and the style of play and the officiating let the guys determine the outcome of the game. It would have been great to get a win against a real elite team in the country."

His thoughts on team captain Dana Lattery taking multiple penalties in Saturday nights game.

"The one I didn't like was the one when he got hit and Steve (Piotrowski) didn't see it and he went back and gave the kid a high stick at the bench. That's just emotion and we talked about it all the time and Dana knows better than that and you can't in that situation put your team short handed. Whether it be he or anybody on the team. You have to control your emotions in the game especially in a tight one-goal hockey game. He needs to as a captain, as a leader on the team, to understand that. But his emotions got the best of him there I'm very sure that it won't happen again. You learn from that and just don't let it happen again."

Coach Culhane talks about his decision to go with Brian Pasko and his thoughts on how Pasko played.

"I felt after looking at the tape that we had some defensive lapses last night in our down low D-Zone coverage. Brian's worked hard along with Reid (Yantzi) and I think we have a number of guys right now that we can play. I thought that we needed to make some adjustments to give us a little better effort back there defensively he and the whole team played well defensively tonight."

He talks about Brent Walton and the big goal he came up with when the Broncos were shorthanded.

"That was a big goal. Brent has played really well. He's been a real solid consistent player for us all year long."

Coach Culhane talks about capitalizing on Cornell turnovers.

"We did do that and that's how we got our two goals in the first period. What we did was we created those by knowing when to stick it in there and compete and make some things happen. It was an enjoyable hockey game. One where is there a moral victory out of this? Not right now but I think in some time there could be and that will be determined in how we play two weeks from now and throughout the course of the year. How many of these lessons, whether it be life lessons or in hockey that we can learn and grow from? Hopefully we can do that."

He talks about the mood of the team after the second Cornell goal on Saturday as to the mood of the team after Cornell's fourth goal on Friday.

"Still, we're right in it. The guys were still positive and said hey, it's tied up and this things going to be decided in the next couple of minutes. Let's just make sure we play every shift like it's our last and they did that, the guys did that. I'm real proud of our effort."

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